Pedo Offering Drugs Across from a K-8 School Moves Camp


What was once the beautiful, safe city of San Francisco is now a dangerous, crime-ridden city of homeless, usually criminal, drug addicts. One homeless convicted pedophile has brought more degradation to the city where poop lines most streets.

Adam Moore, 46, has camped out for two years across from a Catholic K-8th grade school. Recently, he began displaying two signs in front of the campament. One reads “free fentanyl for new users,” and the other reads “meth for stolen items.”

Unbelievably, the police couldn’t do a thing about it until he put up signs offering drugs.

This is what Democrat progressives want for America.

The San Francisco Standard reported the story:

Joseph Adam Moore, 46, is camped opposite the Stella Maris Academy K-8 Catholic school on Geary Boulevard at Ninth Avenue. Convictions in Santa Cruz in the mid-’90s that are listed on the state’s registry of sex offenders say he was found guilty of forcible unlawful sex in 1997 and committed lewd acts with a child under 14 in 1996.


Santa Cruz Sentinel article from 1997 reports Moore was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old girl in Santa Clara County before being released from custody and then having sex with a 15-year-old in Santa Cruz behind a set of bathrooms on Seabright Beach.

Moore’s most recent arrest on May 11 also accused him of committing a felony while on bail; The Standard was unable to obtain court records revealing what the felony was or what happened with the case.

He was finally moved due to the signs, but the fact that he is a pedophile hanging out in front of a school doesn’t mean anything. He’s their idea of a “low-level offender.”

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