Missouri senate candidate has deep ties to the worst of the Left


Greitens appears to be a closet globalist RINO at best while posing as a conservative.

Greitens resigned his governorship under a cloud of potential impeachment charges and is now running for the Senate in Missouri. He was accused of campaign finance charges in 2018 and all charges were dropped. It could have been a democrat set-up, but his affair with a beautician involved accusations of him taking an illicit photo of her and assaulting her, a charge that was later dropped.


“I was honored to serve the people of Missouri as their governor. We took on the establishment, we killed a politicians’ pay raise, we ended a corrupt tax-credit program. And when Antifa came to Missouri, we stood side-by-side with police officers and we were able to restore law and order and defeat Antifa,” he said.

“The people of Missouri need a fighter in the United States Senate, they need somebody who is going to go, as I will, as I’m committed to do, to defending President Trump’s America First policies and also to protecting the people of Missouri from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s radical, leftist agenda.”


He allegedly has ties to Soros, Gates, the World Economic Forum, and others of the hard-left.

America First candidate Mark McCloskey, who stood with his wife on their property holding guns as a radical mob stormed past, is his opposition.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, and former Fox News host is the national chair of his campaign. Perhaps she knows something we don’t.


While Greitens criticized Barack Obama in public, he cozied up to him on a number of visits to the White House, the Missouri Times reports. He was pushing his Mission Continues non-profit charity, at one point hosting First Lady Michelle Obama for an ice cream social in Missouri.

“Official visitor logs prove Eric Greitens spent hours in Obama’s White House over five visits from 2010-2014, even attending parties to wine and dine with the President’s friends,” said former candidate John Brunner’s campaign spokesman Gregg Keller.

According to Keller, Eric Greitens “drove cross-country to cheer Barack Obama at his convention, supported Obama’s failed $831 billion ‘stimulus’, stood with liberals to oppose religious liberty on SJR 39, attempted numerous times to run for office as a liberal Democrat, and is the only candidate Missouri Right to Life PAC is opposing this election.”


Greitens has long supported Americorps, a program started by the Clinton administration that is funded by the American taxpayers and by globalist heavyweights like Soros, Gates, et al. During COVID, it took a CCP-style approach with its army of “contact tracers” to identify and track individuals who have contracted the Coronavirus.

It’s a big government globalist operation. Greitens pushed for mandatory service in Americorps (leftist ‘charity’ work).


During this time, Greitens served on the Board of Directors of the Franklin Project, an operation run by the Aspen Institute. That is a Bill Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and George Soros (Open Society Foundations)-funded operation, The National File states.

Greitens Board of Directors included Barbara Bush, Ariana Huffington, Chelsea Clinton, and other officials linked to the Clinton and Obama officials, including a hater of Trump supporters, retired Army General Stanley McChrystal.


In 2013, he was honored as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and served as an advisory board member to the New York charity Robin Hood, an organization that was supposedly designed to combat poverty in NYC, funded once again by George Soros.


He was a Navy SEAL and many veterans said he exaggerated his service.

The men who designed, produced, and edited content for a video critical of Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens’ time as a Navy SEAL have come forward to the Missouri Times. The makers of “Eric Greitens: The Heart and the Myth,” are a group of current and former Navy SEALs who have served with him, commanded him, or are currently serving in the SEALs.

The group said they also took issue with Greitens having written four books touting his service as a Navy SEAL, but never actually serving on a Navy SEAL platoon. Greitens was deployed four times to various theatres of operation around the globe, but with a Marine Unit – not a SEAL Team – a distinction SEALs do not take lightly.

“It sickens me to hear someone tell people they were a Navy SEAL and a war hero without ever even having served on a platoon,” one SEAL noted. “Eric misleads the American people into believing that he was a Navy SEAL war hero, but he never served as an officer leading SEALs on missions. He earned his SEAL trident, but he never served in the capacity he leads people to think he did. He is the only SEAL officer that I’ve ever heard of who didn’t lead a SEAL platoon.”

Greitens’ former commander said that Greitens did apply to be an assistant commander under him but wasn’t chosen. It was at that point he looked for other opportunities outside of the SEALs, ultimately left to become a White House fellow.

“When you look at the fitness reports he provided, he released reports from when he was a reservist,” one SEAL said. “I didn’t see reports where he was ranked against his peers. That says a lot.”

The worst of the criticisms was that he didn’t describe his service, he described that of his fellow SEALs.


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