Cali has 1.8 million more registered to vote than eligible, is this how it went socialist?


Is this how California became the socialist Democrat hellhole it is today? 

California’s November 3, 2020 election was marred by significant voting and registration irregularities, says the Election Integrity Project® California, Inc. (EIPCa), the California Globe reported. There are 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible citizens and that’s only one of the irregularities.

EIPCa is a non-partisan organization. They reported its findings to California’s Secretary of State Shirley Weber on June 17, 2021, citing “mass irregularities” in registration and voting numbers.

EIPCa seeks answers to the following questions, on behalf of California voters:

  • Why are there almost 124,000 more votes counted in California’s November 3, 2020 election than voters recorded as voting in that election? And why is most of the discrepancy driven by 116,000 vote-by-mail ballots with no apparent voter identified in VoteCal’s voting histories? Click here for a list by county.
  • Why do more than 7,700 voters have TWO November 3, 2020 votes credited to their voting histories? These are two votes credited to each of 7,700 unique (non-duplicated) registration ID numbers in the state database. This indicates mass double voting, a significant programming error in the state’s registration system, or both.
  • Why does California have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible citizens and why did this overage rise 72% in the 2020 election cycle? Click here for a list by county.

Some counties have an astoundingly high number of ineligible registrants (see County list below): Sacramento County: 36,737, Orange County: 92,014, San Diego County: 247,671, Los Angeles County: 1,138,910, even tiny Alpine County with 924 eligible citizens has 85 ineligible registrants.

Orange and San Diego Counties should be going red, not blue as they often are. This could be why.

  • Why did California’s on-line and DMV registration systems change 33,000 foreign-born voters’ birthplaces of record to “California” or “United States”, potentially masking non-citizens unlawfully registered to vote? Similarly, why were 76,000 birthplaces changed from another U.S. state to California? Click here for a chart of birthplace changes.

The EIPCa asks “why has the number of ineligible registrants grown over time? Why by 72% in the past year? 3b) What action(s) will the Secretary’s office take to correct these ineligible registrations?”

  • Between June 2017 and November 2020, EIPCa identified 93,911 registrants who show inexplicable changes of birthplaces from a foreign country or another U.S. state to “California.”
  • Of these, 68% appear to have occurred using the on-line registration system and 21% using the DMV registration system.
  • An additional 14,796 had birthplaces were changed from a foreign country to “United States of America.” Of these, 62% were associated with the on-line registration system and 27% with the DMV registration system.

They say this has gone on for years.

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