Mitch and Nancy conspire to change rules governing Electoral College results


Senator Josh Hawley will contest the certification of the Electoral College votes in one last effort to keep Joe Biden out of the White House.

“I Cannot Vote to Certify the Electoral College Results on January 6th,” the Missouri senator announced this week.

Following that news, Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor-Greene tweeted out that the “word on the Hill” is that GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is working together with Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a rules change “deal” to block our Electoral College Certification objection.

Over 30 Republican representatives and Senator Josh Hawley have confirmed they will challenge the Electoral College count next week.

On January 3rd, the Congress will vote on the Rules package, and they can change the rules at that time.

McConnell’s concerned a big fight will hurt the runoff.


There are three sets of rules and regulations that govern how the Electoral College results can be counted: (1) the United States Constitution, (2) the Electoral Count Act of 1887, and (3) the House and Senate Rules.

The 12th Amendment to the US Constitution, ratified after the disputed election of 1800, details the process for how the Electoral College is to vote and who is supposed to count the votes: the President of the Senate, aka the sitting Vice President. The 12th Amendment, however, simply says that the Vice President shall “open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.” The Constitution doesn’t detail how the votes are to be counted.

After the disputed election of 1876, The Electoral Count Act was passed the next year to provide order to the process. This law is outlined in 3 USC § 15 and requires that one Congressman and one Senator both co-sponsor an objection in order for it to be heard.

But even this law is vague. It doesn’t stipulate how objections or debates are held, or even how the vote is conducted. It simply says that objections will be given to both the House and the Senate “for its decision.” For this process, you have to look at the House and Senate rules. The rules, for example, dictate that when an objection is filed, there must be two hours of debate.

There will be enough co-sponsors to mount a formal challenge to the Electoral College results, but Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are allegedly working together in secret to change the rules to stop it from taking place.

Pelosi and McConnell do have the power to amend the House and Senate rules. While the big certification vote will happen on January 6th, both chambers of Congress will also meet on January 3rd to swear-in new members and agree to the rules package that will govern the 117th Congress.

All they need to change the rules is a simple majority in both the House and Senate without a presidential signature.

Currently, Mike Pence has the right to take the Trump electors’ protest ballots cast in NV, AZ, WI, MI, PA, and GA and declare that they are the legitimate Electoral College votes. A rules change, however, would tie his hands and only allow him to count ballots received by the Safe Harbor deadline or electors who have been certified by a governor.

He already suggested he wasn’t going to do that, and it’s not likely to happen in any case.



    • Pence has always been weak. Consider the bathroom bill in Indiana. He was governor, supported the bill, then refused to sign it due to media pressure. Pence’s delivery in speeches is so phony, he exhibits techniques taught to him rather than a real person.

    • That’s nonsense. Trump is under attack from all angles and you try to make him the problem. Except for some judges and a tax cut, congress has blocked Trump’s agenda in every way, to the point that he had to get alternate funding for the wall. Did you ever hear of separation of powers? Do you see what the courts are doing to help the coup?

      • Never Trumpers, Prisoner, always seem to be able to claim Trump was lacking in everything and never kept any promises made either. These losers are the same type that will wear a mask in the car and put masks over the vents in their cars too..

    • Trump has been under attack since he announced he was running. The traitors have been caught .Party affiliation will not protect them from their coming executions.

  1. if that should happen, the rules change to block objection, that would be a gross error on the part of the ‘turtle’. And the rest of the elected offals who go along with that change.
    All will need to watch their backs.
    Just sayin’.

    • I agree, the backlash will be huge. I expect many of them to leave office just like Ryan and his corrupt cowards did in 2018 rather than fight for the nation.

  2. You don’t change rules in the middle of the game. If they try they should be removed from office by whatever means necessary. Immediately ! They too can be dragged from office.

  3. It should be no surprise that Mitch conspires to complete the election coup. He never investigated the first coup, the Mueller frame operation, instead, he held 2 investigations of Trump. He has not investigated this election coup. A senate leader does not allow criminal coups against the president of his own party unless that “leader” is part of those coups.

    • those republicans who lack courage to go against this election fiasco on Jan 3 and Jan 6 can kiss
      their future political career goodbye. The country should make this very clear to them BY ALL MEANS
      AVAILABLE !!!

  4. McConnell is a POS RINO and maybe he should be investigated. I understand his wife who has always held some kind of bull shit cabnet position is on the board of directors of some Chi-Com bank

  5. Not sure why this would even remotely be a surprise. The turtle is NOT a conservative, nor a patriot. The turtle is for the turtle only. Do you really think his chinese wife married this goofstick because he was a daring warrior extraordinaire and dashingly handsome to boot?!?!? If you do then I have a lollypop tree farm I selling for a fair and reasonable price.

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