Mitch McConnell Backs Endless Ukraine Spending, Credits Reagan


Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin made a surprise visit to Ukraine to assure President Zelensky, or should I say dictator Zelensky, that we will keep funding the war. Currently, the bill isn’t getting through Congress. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell backs this endless funding for Ukraine plan.

Every dime we give to Mr. Zelensky is borrowed, and it’s often borrowed from our enemies.

Joe Biden has asked Congress for $61 billion more in emergency aid to the country. House conservatives are opposed. Our borders are open, but we’re protecting his borders, and we don’t have the money to fund his dictatorship.

Fox News CEO Laughlin Murdoch also met with Zelensky on the same day. The Murdochs are all in on this war. Austin said Ukraine’s effort to defeat Russia’s invasion “matters to the rest of the world,” and the US would continue to support it “for the long haul.”

Austin told Zelensky the US is in it for the long haul to protect his [fake] democracy.

Earlier this month, Moody’s Investor Service cut its outlook on the US sovereign credit rating from stable to negative, citing higher interest rates and doubts about the government’s ability to implement effective fiscal policies.

The US still has a Triple-A rating, but who knows for how long? There is no sign whatsoever that DC can handle our finances – none. They’re addicted to spending.

Frozen Mitch during a blackout of some sort

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who backs the war as do Democrats, claims he’s a Reagan Republican and that ending Ukraine aid would be a “huge setback for the United States.”

” Honestly, I think Ronald Reagan would turn over in his grave if he saw we were not going to help Ukraine. For myself, I’m still a Reagan Republican,” McConnell said, and “I think that’s the best path for us in the future. But look, in our democracy, the voters make that decision.”

The US isn’t a democracy, Mitch – it’s a Republic. And don’t you just love it when people put words into the mouths of people who are dead and can’t speak for themselves because it helps their faux arguments?

McConnell took Office as a US senator in 1985 during the Reagan White House tenure. He’s guaranteed – as long as he’s alive – to continue in this position to 2027. He’ll be 85 years of age in 2027. He’s a strong case for term limits.

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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
9 days ago

I would bet that Joe the Sniff Bribeme and Mitch the Turtle are both on the take I bet they both get their ten percent on any money sent to the Ukraine. These corrupt old bastards have sold us out and not just to Ukraine but to China as well and I mean sold the US down the drain. The Turtle should be under investigation as well as the Bribeme crime family.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 days ago

Mitch has been a betrayer from the start. His marriage in 1993 to a beautiful Chinese woman with a huge inheritance, and an interest in shipping products to the USA, was suspicious. He of course has never been an attractive or interesting person.

In 2009, he reacted with anger and vulgarity at the conservative Tea Party movement, which would have eliminated his leadership position. He created a scheme to fill congress with fake Tea Party members who flipped just after elections.

His recent history is well known.

His quick release from the military is very suspicious, people may want to read about that, and how the reason was changed in the records.

Fake conservatives like Mitch and Ryan invoke Reagan and other things because they have nothing in their records which is conservative.

The leftist spoiled brat boss of the RINO Channel meeting with Z shows again how intertwined the corrupt globalists are. If the RINO Channel wants to interview someone, then send a reporter. If the RINO Channel is scheming, the CEO meets with Z. Murdoch is one of the people who conspired to cover up the 2020 election coup. The same group of people who did the coup also instigated the Ukraine war.

Johnson is the only hope, he has blocked money for Ukraine, because the senate will not play fair.

9 days ago

Lead by example Mitch! Give all the $ millions you’ve been paid by your wife’s family’s Chicom shipping company to Zelensky. I’m SURE it would be money well spent

Last edited 9 days ago by exordis
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
10 days ago

Some people at 80 are still young at heart and active, sharp in their thinking, and wise in their years. Mitch McConnel is not.
He is trying to live in a bygone era. To suggest what Ronald Reagan would do today about the war in the Ukraine today is nonsense. Reagan never knew Zelensky and the way he runs the Ukraine.
Personally I think Z is a con man, and he is taking itch Joe and the rest for an expensive ride.
It is interesting to compare Z to Lech Wałęsa of Poland. He does not compare well.