Nikki Haley Is the Establishment’s Hail Mary Pass


The worst analysis I’ve heard to date of the upcoming election was on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show today. I haven’t listened to Brian Kilmeade in a long time and didn’t recognize him – I thought I was on one of the left-wing channels. He had a female analyst on his radio show who raved about Nikki Haley’s debate performance and her alleged meteoric rise in the polls.

She claimed that Haley was spot on and won the debates. The only question she had was if Haley could get away with not being radical on abortion.

When Kilmeade cited her soaring poll number of 18%, putting her ahead of Ron DeSantis, he only cited the highest poll number that could easily be an outlier. Other polls have her at 5% or 7%.

They then decided that it didn’t matter if anyone came in second or third because Trump would not pick Ron De Santis as a vice president.

When the conversation drifted to Donald Trump, Brian Kilmeade seemed to gear it toward the negative, but that is when I turned it off.

If these people think that this is an analysis worthy of putting on air, they really are blind to reality. No matter how much they push Nikki Haley on us, she doesn’t have a prayer of winning the nomination. Her last mistake was to say one of her first actions as president would be to demand no one on social media be allowed anonymity. We’d all have to register.

This is the establishment’s Hail Mary Pass: try to fool the people into thinking she’s the one. Hopefully, Trump won’t pick her as his running mate.

She’s made a lot of mistakes. One of the most notable is the one she made regarding George Floyd.

She doesn’t seem to think independently of her own political ambitions.

When George Floyd’s death became a cause celebrè for the leftists, Nikki Haley did what she always does: conceded to the Left’s messaging and flew into the direction of the winds.

She is a slick politician who has gotten rich from war and doesn’t seem to have a steady core of beliefs.

Most conservatives didn’t see George Floyd as a role model to bring everyone together; it shouldn’t be “painful or personal” for everyone. Yet, she set him up as someone to bring us together and told us we must all feel pain.


Derek Chauvin, the police officer who was found guilty of killing George Floyd, appealed his conviction to the US Supreme Court in July 2023.

“We will petition the United States Supreme Court via a Writ of Certiorari and ask them to review the lower court’s decision on behalf of Mr. Chauvin,” attorney Gregory M. Erickson said in a statement Wednesday.

The Minnesota Supreme Court had denied Chauvin’s appeal without comment in a one-page filing.

Chauvin’s lawyers have said there were various reasons to overturn the conviction, including a state district court depriving the former Minneapolis police officer of his right to a fair trial when they denied his request for a change of venue despite “pervasive adverse publicity.”

The victim, George Floyd, had a criminal record and a long history of drug addiction. An alternative theory of what killed Floyd was the drugs in his system, particularly the fentanyl, which was three times the necessary dose to kill him. George Floyd’s Toxicology Report seemed to back that up, but the Medical Examiner, under death threats at the time, confirmed that George Floyd died from the officer’s knee on his neck.

The three officers with Derek Chauvin at the time of his death appeared to have nothing to do with his death, but the mob demanded their arrest and prosecution. They were ready to burn the city down.

Yet, Nikki Haley never hesitated for a moment to jump to the path of least resistance and virtue signal with the rest of the mob.

[Update 11/20 at 6 pm: The US Supreme Court declined to hear Derek Chauvin’s appeal in the death of George Floyd.]

Read the George Floyd: The Toxicology Report here or below.

The report



When Candace Owens reacted to threats by George Floyd’s family to sue Kanye West, she threatened to sue them. Ye had quoted information from the documentary she made for The Daily Wire.

Ye said. “They said he screamed for his mama; mama was his girlfriend. It’s in the documentary.”

In the documentary and online, Owens said that his family never even bothered to pick up his personal belongings.

“George Floyd’s family didn’t even stop by his house to collect his belongings. They left his car and personal items abandoned in his house. Now they’re mad my documentary TELLS THE TRUTH about the fatal levels of fentanyl discovered in Floyd’s autopsy,” Candace Owens tweeted.

The story was never simple, but the officers were tried without the benefit of full disclosure and a biased jury. Nikki never changed her position.

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