Mitch McConnell in Secret Talks with Chucky to Give Biden Another Win


So-called Republican Mitch McConnell is now working with his socialist Democrat counterpart Chuck Schumer to give Biden another win..

CNN reporter Manu Raju reported that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in private talks with his buddy Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to waive the filibuster so they can raise the debt ceiling.

That will give Schumer’s senators in red states the ability to run without ever admitting they wanted the ceiling raised to waste more money.

Why is McConnell doing this?

The options are:
  1. Pass NDAA and then a separate one-time fast-track process to raise the debt ceiling.
  2. Tie the debt limit process and NDAA together.
  3. Pass each separately and keep them tied by rule.

A better option is to stop giving Biden wins to prove how bipartisan you are, Mitch.

Our hope is with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He is opposed to this.

Wisely, some Republicans realize setting up a one-time process to raise the debt ceiling is a bad idea.

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