Mitch McConnell Waves the White Flag on the Election


Mitch McConnell waved the white flag for some November Senate races. He’s cutting the spending on some campaigns, even though we are three months out. The RNC’s fundraising isn’t going as well as Democrat’s.

Why people would vote for communists and socialists, we can’t say. In Georgia, Sen. Warnock is a Marxist who appears to have beat his wife. Why would you vote for him or even stay home?

McConnell noted that some of the candidates are weak. We agree some of the candidates’ campaigns are not going well. They need better advice. Tucker says in the clip below that they aren’t running on what Americans care about.

Biden managed to quell the concerns about inflation to some degree. Right now, the flood at the border is fundamentally destroying the country, and the crime wave is serious. Democrats are winning on their claims that the borders are closed, and the crime wave is better than it was in the ’80s. Granted, the Left has the media, but that means the Right should yell louder.

As for McConnell, what kind of strategy is this? The races in Pennsylvania and Georgia are very important, and McConnell signaled he’s giving up on them waving the white flag.

I agree with Tucker on this clip, do you?

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