RecordsGate Is in “Early Stages” – “DoJ Might Be Able to Rule by 2023”


Mark Levin picked up an accidental admission by two Intelligence sources that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was a fishing expedition. We also have the DoJ saying the investigation of Trump’s stored records is in its early stages. The media [CBS WINS NY this AM] said Merrick Garland might be able to rule on the case by 2023. That’s not suspicious at all.

Mark Levin hit on something in this clip we thought you’d want to hear.  Levin highlights the DOJ’s statement explaining what their plan actually is in the Benny clip below. The department is leaking to get their story out while preventing Donald Trump from addressing any of it since he hasn’t seen the documents. You have to hear it.

Levin quoted two intelligence officers leaking to Newsweek. They said they wanted “as broad an investigation as possible to grab as much paper as they could. There it is. There’s the case in front of the judge tomorrow. The government’s leaking. This warrant you issued is unconstitutional [it violates the 4th Amendment]. The American people have a right to see everything.”

That makes it all so clear. They went on a fishing expedition to get something, anything with which to prosecute Donald Trump.

It’s also in its early stages, so they plan to keep this going.

Levin says it’s unprecedented not because of Trump but “because a Stalinist cabal at the Department of Justice will stop at nothing to destroy this country,” Levin said.

The sources claim they did it because of the risks and fear Donald Trump would destroy the documents. All this while Secret Service is guarding the resort, and Trump had it double padlocked upon their request in June???


The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) counterintelligence chief said Thursday that the federal government’s investigation into allegedly classified materials found at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is in its “early stages.”

“This investigation is open. It is in its early stages,” DOJ Chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section Jay Blatt told U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart on Thursday while arguing against releasing the affidavit. Previously, DOJ lawyers said in court filings that its release would damage the integrity of its investigation.

“The government is very concerned about safety of the witnesses in these cases” and may put a chill on other witnesses coming forward, Blatt also argued, without elaborating. In seeking to block the release of the affidavit and other documents, he said that the FBI’s investigation has “national security overtones,” which in turn “outweighs public interest.”

In other words, they plan to make this into Russiagate 2.0 and keep it going until 2023 or 2024. And they want people to think Donald Trump and his supporters are so dangerous that their witnesses would be in danger [like the fraudulent Urkainegate probe].

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