Mitch’s home was vandalized over his strange take on the $2,000


Shortly after Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home was vandalized, some angry vandals put graffiti all over the front of his house. The vandals were allegedly angry over the stimulus he won’t increase for the middle class.

Why is McConnell doing all he can to lose the senatorial races on January 5th? He hasn’t done a thing to protect the election integrity, and he also doesn’t stick up for Donald Trump. Yet, Donald Trump always helps Republicans.

They probably don’t like him criticizing them and not playing their games, but that’s their problem.

The $2,000 is small change compared to the nearly $700 billion Mitch and his congressional colleagues are wasting on special interests, and foreign governments that hate us. Giving Americans $600 is paltry by way of comparison. Why is he fighting this, making Democrats look good?

He said this week that the $2,000 will add to the deficit, but how does the $700 billion not add to the deficit? About a week ago, he said the $2,000 is socialism for the rich, but how is that possible since there is an income cap on it???

Maybe Mitch is losing it?

The money isn’t targeted as well as it could be, but it’s better than nothing and it’s not worth the bad press to deny it.

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