Mitt Romney stupidly blames Trump for COV-19


Mitt Romney, a vicious Trump hater, is bashing President Trump again, actually blaming him for Americans’ deaths by COVID. It’s not China’s fault, who lied for months and sent their infected people out to the world while not letting them travel within the country. It’s not the fault of the Democrats who only cared about fake impeachment.

It’s not even the fault of the super spreader state of New York and the governor whose policies killed tens of thousands of older people in nursing homes.

No, it’s somehow Trump’s fault.

Romney wrote on Twitter: “This hasn’t been the focus of his rhetoric apparently, and I think it’s a great human tragedy,” says Sen. Mitt Romney of Trump’s approach to the Covid-19 pandemic. The extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking… From Washington, we have not had a constant, consistent plan.”

If there is not consistent plan, which one can easily find on the President’s website, why did Joe Biden copy it exactly except for the universal mask request?

The only inconsistency has been Dr. Fauci’s everchanging pearls of wisdom and that of his ilk. He is a fraud.

Romney’s a fool.

We weren’t allowed to discuss COVID as a Chinese Communist Party bioweapon, but it obviously is:

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