Mitt Romney’s Bill Will Give Free Checks to People, Including Illegals


Mitt Romney’s Family Security Act 2.0 sends taxpayer checks we can’t afford to send.

Mitt Romney wants to send checks to people to encourage more babies they can’t afford. But it’s not just promoting baby mills. The Act promotes more illegal immigration. IOTW posted this information yesterday.

The Family Security Act 2.0 is a Romney plan to support families in America from birth through childhood if they make at least $10,000. They will give $700 a month to the families midway through pregnancy, $350 for children to age five, and $250 a month for children aged 6 to 18. It includes illegal aliens if one parent has a social security number. Social security numbers are given to illegal aliens at the border. You do not have to be a citizen.

The open borders groups want all illegal aliens to collect. they needn’t worry. They all will.

At this point, Romney cannot be called a Republican or even a RINO. This plan is communistic, and he is on the Left on most issues. We call it communistic because it fits the definition of Universal Basic Income which is a Marxist tenet. Making people dependent is key.

This country is close to hitting the 50% dependency number that makes us more socialist/communist than free. Why people keep pushing for and voting for these welfare programs is a mystery.


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