The Next Move? Arresting Donald Trump


Fox News is moving on from Donald Trump, and Donald Trump’s friend, Laura Ingraham, has jumped on board. She wants us to move on and vote for someone else with the same platform.

The legacy media will not stop attacking Donald Trump until they destroy him or at least see him arrested. There is a lot of pressure on the DOJ to charge Donald Trump and his associates.

Arresting Donald J. Trump

The Left’s next move is to indict Donald Trump. They have a case building in DC and another in Fulton County, Georgia. Donald Trump could not get a fair trial in either venue.

We predict they will arrest Donald Trump and close associates to send a message to anyone who opposes them.

According to The Washington Times, Democrats and other opponents of former President Donald Trump demand Merrick Garland press criminal charges against the former president and his close associates. They want them arrested and banished.

Garland appears to have a grand jury looking into it. Reports on that vary.

“We should know in a matter of days or weeks,” Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor and president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, told The Washington Times. “You don’t wait around months or years if you’re going to move forward with the prosecution.”

DOJ should fully investigate and charge accountable individuals, up to and including Donald J. Trump,” said Rep. Elaine Luria, Virginia Democrat. “In the United States of America, no one is above the law.”

[Except Hillary, Hunter, Joe Biden, his entire family, Antifa, BLM, any Democrat who runs an executive agency, etc.]

The intense pressure from the Democratic base means Mr. Garland must charge Mr. Trump or leave office, Republican strategist and George W. Bush White House aide Scott Jennings said recently on CNN.

“He has to be indicted, or Merrick Garland has to resign,” Mr. Jennings said.


We’ll let you in on a little secret. Garland doesn’t need pressure.

Most of what they report is a lie. Erick Erickson, thought to be a RINO, agrees that most of this is unfair and mostly a lie, as he wrote on substack, but the attacks are also on his supporters. He sees no hope in stopping it unless we all move on.

He points to Edward Luce as an example of a writer who believes the right is the source of all the violence and extremism. Erickson says Luce is typical of the thinking. He hopes that the Left will stop burning it all down so the Right can move on from Donald Trump.

The problem with his thinking is that he is assuming it won’t happen to any Republican who isn’t a member of the Uniparty. It would happen to Ron De Santis or anyone tough enough to turn back some of this onslaught of authoritarianism and lies. That being said, is he too damaged? Will he be in prison or going through trials?

I don’t know if anyone besides Donald Trump is tough enough to turn any of this around. There is also a thing called loyalty. Too many people forget the importance of it.

We are marching towards The Brave New World. Who can stop it? Civil Wars don’t work very well. We need leaders. Is Donald Trump too tainted or is it too impossible to get him elected? What do you think?

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