MN gov, safety commish blame Democrat riots on white supremacists


Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner is blaming the Democrat riots on White Supremacists. That is not true. The white liberals/communists and Black Lives Matter are the ringleaders. They are nasty and they are stirring up the poor people, the uneducated, and the gang kids.

The KKK is not burning down housing projects and black-owned stores. This is a lie. We hate the KKK but let’s be truthful. White communists/Democrats are doing damage. Why would white supremacists engage in riots over a black man’s death?

The protests are run by Antifa — white leftists — and Black Lives Matter — communists — and gang kids, and he can study it as much as he wants, but he won’t find KKK. He can lie about it, but he won’t find them. His comments are egregious and misleading.


It’s not just this guy, it’s the Democrats, in general, spreading this nonsense:

Antifa are NOT comprised of white supremacists. They are anarchists, socialists, and communists and if they vote, they vote for Democrats.


The crazy Minnesota Governor is hinting it’s white supremacists. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said he is aware of unconfirmed reports that gangs of white supremacists are taking advantage of the anarchy unfolding in Minneapolis to create more chaos, NBC News reported.

He’s talking about Antifa as white supremacists. What he is saying is insane, but he could just be a liar.

Antifa admits they are communists and anarchists.

When asked by a reporter if Walz was aware of rumors that white supremacists had joined some of the looting he said based on “my suspicions and what I’ve seen on this, yes.”

We won’t get the truth from the Minnesota AG, however:

Communistic Rep. Jayapal of Washington State is basically spreading the same nonsense:

The anti-white male is also in play:

Remember who could be behind this:

Watch this lady and tell me if you agree with me — GTH Antifa and BLM:

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3 years ago

The media rattled off a bunch of the arrests. There were only a couple outsiders.

3 years ago

I hate to be the cynic but news reports are showing All these people “wanting to help”. A Lot of it is people getting in the way of each other. You see quite a few “posing for the cameras” and doing interviews. Of course the media are praising all them. You see this during Every disaster but when the cameras are gone so are the many people. The mayor talked about all the people willing to help. Why didn’t he have a plan coordinator organizing such an effort. Instead of dozens at only one location why not have small crews going to many.

3 years ago

I had thought of a crowd control method using water cannon with a mixture of tear gas. Just curious if something like that would work. Some kind of large scale deployment would disperse crowds in a hurry. The 40 mm canisters just doesn’t cut it these days.

3 years ago

The aerial views right now actually tell a story. There is suppose to be a Large protest today. There are quite a few but the size isn’t really all that large if one considers the “black community” is all up in an uproar. It doesn’t even fill an intersection. It suggest the majority aren’t With the protestors .

3 years ago

This shows the Left Really Really REALLY want a Race War. This is how “I” saw the briefing.

This was my rolling comments on the briefing to my son, and sister.

He “thinks” he’s being considerate, but Instead this speech if Going To Fuel Even More tonight. THIS is what the thugs want, Capitulate To THEM. This doesn’t do One Damn Thing for all those black businesses that are GONE. Now HE’s trying to go into campaign mode. “As a white man who walks with That privilege”. Are the whites forcing blacks to kill Other blacks. THIS will do more to set back race relations than anything else.

By keeping up the “racist talk” that WILL enrage the public to do more violence and carnage. It’s a subtle signal to continue and That’s how the street thugs will see it. With everything said, to NOW say stay home will not work. It would be best to cancel any protests today.

Yeah right. Keith Ellison, The Antifa Man. Is he the AG or a protest leader. So they are NOT going to stop the protests. “We can’t come in…” That sounds suspicious. In an interview with a black man, someone told him that his business was next.

The One thing about police actions in the black community is “WHY” are they so involved there. If you go back to the Crime Act under Clinton, that was enacted Because many in the black communities were calling out
FOR Justice. It looks like St. Paul area is much like the KC Mo. area where there have been 67 so far and That is with a lockdown. There were 225 last year.

During all this there was a video with some person saying the Crips were coming. So, it’s not only outsiders but local gangs that are also involved. It would be nice to know how large the gangs are in that area. It would
also be nice to know exactly How Much crime goes on in the Twin Cities. That has a big effect on how involved police are in the area. Some blacks were even talking about taking the violence to the suburbs. For far too
long now there has been a Lot of talk of “white privilege”, inherent racism by the media and politicians. That has brought a lot of this about. And NOW they are Amplifying it. That doesn’t end well.

Next up another politician. Someone pointed out that ALL the offices are democrat. THEY are running the city and state. It does NOT help to talk about being in a War with our community. There really hasn’t been Any
talk of a community working together. As many have said, “justice is looting and burning” and these leaders are fueling it even more with justice.

It’s Not so much a matter of racism but people’s aversion to Crime. The general public now see protestors as Thugs and criminals.

Really, this is dangerous. They weren’t satisfied with the arrest and charging of a cop, but the charges weren’t enough. Now they want the other three arrested. There’s a problem with that. But what they ARE
promoting is a “lynching mentality”, and no one is picking up on that. By Allowing THIS, then when a situation arises and the suspicion is “racism” they will return to the lynching mentality. It will happen because in This case it worked.

It’s all about protests, but where is the talk of a community coming together. They are talking in terms of dividing. It’s the same talk as the rioters, “It’s us against them”. It’s THE COPS against the public. The public isn’t satisfied with the one cop who failed. There is no talk of “calming down” I guess they are too afraid of telling anyone that.

Now it’s all about White People and they are all to blame. This guy is Asking for a Race War. Those on the streets will start attacking Any white person. That has already been happening in places across the nation. If he would have made it all about re-imagining the justice system with reforms from the start it might have done some good.

Well, they have “promoted” hate and racism for so long they have no choice but to continue. They have went SO far that there is No turning back. About all they can do is “last it out”.