Sen Cruz explains what the rioting demagogues are up to (video)


Senator Ted Cruz stated the obvious on Tucker last night — the demagogues want to use “an incident of clear abuse by one police officer” to “paint” all police officers” as “corrupt and racist.”


Tucker asked the senator where he thought this was all going.

“Listen, it’s horrific and it starts with a horrific act of police brutality. Any time you have a police officer-involved shooting, the media often goes into a frenzy and there’s an immediate demonization and attack of the police officers. I think that’s wrong and premature.

“That being said, in this instance, we have a video of the incident and we can see with Mr. Floyd, the officer with his knee on his neck for eight minutes, Mr. Floyd is handcuffed, he is clearly incapacitated, he is begging for his life and what we saw was wrong. There is no legitimate law enforcement purpose for what was all right there.

Tucker jumped in. “I’m sorry, it let me stop right there and ask a question, I agree with you I found the video very upsetting. There is a lot of abuse of power by a lot of people in charge, do you believe, since let’s just deal with facts here, do you believe that the man in custody died of suffocation because the police officer was sitting on him?

“I don’t know, we will have to see with the medical evidence shows.

Tucker pressed on, “Isn’t that the question? Either the cop killed him or he didn’t. The question is was that abuse of police brutality. The guy has been charged with murder so isn’t the question was did he kill him.


Cruz said, “There are two different questions the civil rights investigation which was the right thing to do, I applauded the department of justice for doing that. Number two, the prosecutor chose today to bring homicide charges. To prove that they will have to prove the evidence supports that. I don’t know what the medical examiner will determine on that so whether or not it was homicide will depend on the evidence, but it was clearly police brutality and it was not conduct we expect of any officers.

Tucker added, “I totally agree with that. I think it was awful, I’ve covered this kind of thing before and I hate it, however, the country is convulsing the basis of the idea that the cop killed this man who was restrained, he was in handcuffs. I think it’s a meaningful question, it’s not something we can glide over …”

Cruz ended with, “One of the reasons, sadly, that we are seeing this violence and this rioting is that you have lots of demagogues that want to use this incident of clear abuse by one police officer and they want to use it to say every police officer is corrupt and racist.

“Most police officers heroically risk their lives to protect the communities they are in often minority communities and for everyone that is stirring up racial division and engaging in violence and looting, that is unacceptable. Violence and criminal conduct are unacceptable, whether it is committed by a mob enraged or whether it’s committed by a police officer who is breaking the law. The law should apply fairly to everyone…”

There’s more. It’s an interesting discussion. The preliminary autopsy shows he died from his heart problems and possibly drugs. Murder might be a stretch but manslaughter isn’t.


This is a war of a minority of hardcore leftists, funded by people like George Soros and other Media Matters contributors, against all of the USA. By dividing us, they have been able to take over the Democrat Party and the goal is to conquer us. They want a one-party electoral system with far-left Democrats in charge. The lockdown is nothing compared to what they think is acceptable.

If these lunatics — burning stores down — or if the vile media cared about Mr. Floyd, they would not honor his memory this way. His family already said he was God-fearing and peaceful. He is a very sympathetic victim.

But I must say, congratulations to the Democrats and their media. They’ve taken a clear case of abuse that most people agreed was abuse, which may or may not be based on racism, and they managed to dilute it with anarchy, violence, and destruction.

Congratulations to the media too for stirring the pot with hate and lies.

You’re all miserable human beings and it’s doubtful you give one good god damn about Mr. Floyd who lost his life since you burned down housing projects in black neighborhoods and destroyed black businesses. So, GTH.

These lunatics want to control us and they want your stuff. Zimbabwe, here we come.


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