MN Mayor arrested for interfering in a traffic stop, calling cops “f*ing dinks”


Nisswa Minnesota Mayor Fred Heidmann didn’t like the idea that the police were involved in a traffic stop. He pulled his car over and walked up to the officers asking, “What are you guys doing?”

The officer did not respond, which prompted Heidmann to say: “You guys are emptying his fucking car out on the road. What the hell are you guys up to? Don’t you guys have something better to do, like patrol the goddamn streets?

To keep the mayor safe, they told him he could film but at a safe distance.

“Go stand back over there, this isn’t safe for you.”

Heidmann didn’t take it well.

“Do you know ho I am?” the self-important mayor said.

“You know what? I’m the mayor of this fucking town, and you guys get the hell off our highway out here.”

Heidmann continues, yelling: “Fuck you guys,” 

Then goes on to say twice: “fucking dinks,”

He also told the officers they weren’t qualified.

Heidmann continues to berate the officers, saying: “You’d think up in this area we’d have some decent fucking cops. You’re as bad as the fucking dinks down in Minneapolis.”

Heidmann told one cop to: “shut the fuck up.”

Heidmann’s dog got loose and he wandered off to get him. Then he came back without the dog.

“You’re not qualified to do this kind of work,

“You should be patrolling the streets.” 

The officers were fed up, and handcuffed him. He was cited. The department stood by its officers.

We couldn’t determine his party affiliation He was called a Democrat, a Conservative, and a nonpartisan by different papers. We call him off the rails.

The mayor later said he thought it was bad for tourism to have police pulling vacationers over, rifling through their things.

People on the left claim he was a victim of police brutality.



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