“Mob Mentality, Fraud, Political Bias, Sexual Harassment” at the FBI


So many men and women in the FBI put their lives on the line each day and those agents deserve our admiration. Unfortunately, there is a lot of corruption in the Bureau.

According to Just the News, FBI whistleblowers accused bureau management in different field offices of corruption, cover-ups, and retaliation against rank-and-file agents who attempted to expose it.

Supervisors in Miami, Salt Lake City, Buffalo, New York, and Newark, New Jersey, are facing whistleblower complaints:
  • Forced or coerced agents to sign false affidavits.
  • Fabricated terrorism cases to pump up performance statistics.
  • Sexually harassed and stalked a female agent.

One of the whistleblowers, a female agent, said supervisors, including FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, ignored her accusations of sexual harassment. She said the bureau suffers from a “mob-like mentality.”

“The FBI is completely out of control, and its culture and structure need to change. Not only is the political bias completely out of control and disgustingly obvious, the FBI knows they will not be held accountable for their illegal behavior and misconduct,” she said in a letter to Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

Some of the Complaints

According to the whistleblowers’ attorney, the complaints were turned over to the House Judiciary Committee Republicans and likely will be part of a broader examination of Justice Department conduct.

Another whistleblower, a former employee who worked for the FBI office in Buffalo, told The Times that FBI honchos in Washington focus on the volume of cases to evaluate the special agent in charge (SAC) who runs a field office. That leads some office supervisors to inflate the numbers.

“It’s basically a report card for him, so at the end of his two-year term as a SAC, he gets moved to a better position down in Washington. And everything focuses around his metrics,” the employee said.

“You have to have so many terrorism cases per year in your office, or else you fail,” he said. “So they would come to us and say things like ‘Open up a case. I don’t care if it’s got merit or not. Just open it up. We only have nine, and we need 10 for me to pass.’”

Kurt Siuzdak, a former agent who is now a legal counsel for some of the whistleblowers, has multiple clients in the FBI. He says agents in Salt Lake City were coerced to sign a false affidavit. They were sworn written statements used as evidence in court.

According to the agents’ complaint, Mr. Siuzdak said the affidavit did not accurately describe the facts and gave the wrong impression of the evidence.

“We’ve had them on the school boards issue. We’ve had them concerning Jan. 6,” Jordan said. “Agents are being pressured to label and categorize all cases as domestic violence, extremism.”

Adultery Too

Another former agent revealed that a special agent in charge at the Miami field office is accused of engaging in an adulterous affair. It was with an intelligence analyst who was married to another man from a different government agency.

According to the agent’s complaint, the SAC and the intelligence analyst “took an amorous drive” to celebrate his promotion.  They crashed while engaged in a sex act.



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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
3 months ago

Long known as a polluted environment from the director on down is the FBi, and even more so by the vindictive Joe Biden who engineered the entire raid against a private citizen. The career grifter, swindler, racist, and seks harassing Biden will do it against anyone to exercise his flaccid underdeveloped unachieved muscles.

3 months ago

Imagine the stories whistle blowers fron the CIA and NSA could tell us?

3 months ago

This is nothing new, And, Congress was informed of the rampant sexual harassment at the FBI. Robyn Gritz gave evidence to Congress and they did absolutely Nothing. She had to learn the hard way when it comes to the FBI AND Congress. So don’t expect much from anyone in Congress.

3 months ago

Today’s FBI obviously proves the axiom “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” However, they were always corrupt in the Hoover days and covered for Pelosi’s crime boss dad. Our Constitution does not permit an FBI to even exist and everything they do is unconstitutional and lawless. Foregone conclusion: ABOLISH THE FBI

Last edited 3 months ago by jazzfusionary
Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
3 months ago

Still think the FBI wasn’t involved in that Tops shooting in Buffalo?