New York Times Hires Dirty Dossier Reporter to Monitor the Right


The New York Times recently hired reporter Ken Bensinger to sit at its politics desk and report on the right-wing media for the Times’ “democracy team.”

Bensinger worked most recently for BuzzFeed and, before that, for the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The Times is “thrilled” with this hire who has reported on “political disinformation,” which is code for anything from the right.

They bragged about a number of his hit articles but failed to mention his real claim to fame – the fake dossier.

He was key to getting the dirty dossier out when no other publication would print it.


David Kramer, John McCain’s top aide, had been briefed on the dossier written by British ex-spy Christopher Steele. In late November 2016, Kramer met with and later obtained the dossier from him. Kramer then met with Buzzfeed reporter Ken Bensinger on Dec. 29, 2016, at the McCain Institute.

There, “Kramer reviewed the dossier talking points with Bensinger and explained that he took the allegations seriously.” Then, Kramer showed Bensinger the dossier and purportedly informed him that “some of the information was unverified.”

All of it was gossip.

Bensinger left his meeting “with copies of all seventeen memos” authored by Steele and promptly took the compiled dossier to Mark Schoofs, BuzzFeed’s senior editor in investigative reporting.

Buzzfeed published an article entitled “These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties to Russia” that included the 35-page dossier on January 10, 2017, shortly after a CNN report revealed the dossier’s existence.

It was garbage and became a focal point of the Russiagate hoax due to the power of the corrupt press.

We can imagine how unbiased he will be.

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