Modem chips found in MI voting system motherboards


Explosive! Investigators for Attorney DePerno reportedly discovered modem chips embedded in the voting system’s computer motherboards in Michigan. The voting system companies have repeatedly claimed for months that the computers did not have internet access.

Allegedly, the ES&S DS200 voting machines contain a Telit LE910-SV1 modem chip in the motherboard.

It has an access point in it.

The chip allows communication between the voting system equipment and election servers. It is designed to operate on a virtual private network.

Testing allegedly revealed that the same SIM card could be used in a separate wireless hotspot device. This device could then join the same APN as the ES&S voting machines.

I assume they have to prove it was accessed. I haven’t gotten that far through the documents.

The key they discuss in the clip below is a mathematical equation. An operator can take that equation and when s/he plugs the data in, every vote will come out with the same equation. Every county has the same equation in the nine Michigan counties analyzed.

Every key is different for every state. There is evidence an algorithm is operating.

Go to 09:00 for what that means:

Go to about 19:00 for more information:



  1. Sadly facts don’t matter in a fundamentally transformed West Zimbabwe but those who love the truth still want to know.
    Truth is like art, music, literature, love, poetry, nature scenery, the only things worthwhile in this fallen world.
    The Plandemic scam and the Big Steal won’t stay hidden forever which is why we must move quickly was uttered by some CPUSA fellow traveler comrades.

  2. If this is correct and can be verified, I would demand all attorneys employed to defend the parties sued by Dominion immediately move for dismissal of their cases and demand sanctions from the court. A maximum effort must be launched to secure a judicial decision declaring all elections to be fraudulent and the offices to be vacated immediately. Any judge who fails to comply must be arrested by Patriots and held for trial as complicit in the fraud. This includes all state and federal judges as well as members of the Supreme Court.
    In the meantime, any edict or “law” passed by a Congress and Administration that was installed by this massive ChiCom planned,financed and temporarily successful electoral fraud be immediately declared null void and be resisted by all means possible. Biden and every Democrat must resign from all offices and after an appropriate time has passed during which those who are responsible can be indicted and prosecuted new elections can be held. All of the Dog Fart Media that promoted and defended this fraud must be seized by Patriots. Trump needs to return to DC and the White House immediately supported by 10 million fully armed Patriots where he must immediately set about restoring the Republic and punishing those who attempted this massive coup against the People.

  3. There are certain things a voting machine MUST NOT have and a modem chip of any kind is one of them. Ballots should not be “adjudicated”, either people fill the Ballot out correctly or it doesn’t counted. If you aren’t smart enough to fill out a ballot, you aren’t smart enough to vote! If you can figure out how to get a valid State ID, then you’re not smart enough to vote.

  4. As I understood it, the keys contain the “design” of the ballot. Therefore every key has to be different because no two elections are the same.

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