NH to audit voting machines


On April 8th, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill to mandate an audit of the Windham, New Hampshire election results.

At a press conference, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) said he will sign the bill.

The Washington Examiner reported: “I think they designed the bill very well,” he said. “And I fully intend on signing it and moving that forward as soon as we can.”

A hand recount in Windham found that machines shorted every Republican candidate 6% of their total votes or 300 votes.

Dominion Voting Systems owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote machines used in New Hampshire.

I don’t understand why it’s a problem in the first place. If the voting machine companies are so confidant, why don’t they just allow the audit? Why isn’t this routine?



  1. ALL software and design plans for all voting machines MUST BE open source. Counting votes is a simple process. All the processes involved are will known and understood and anything that is “Company Confidential” is probably illegal or should be.

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