“Moderate” Joe Biden moves unquestionably hard-left


Biden’s economic policy is visibly to the left of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The results of his hard-left push will show up not only in taxes and spending but also in regulation.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes:

Mr. Biden’s rhetoric, in particular, has been more condemning than unifying. He was right to blame Mr. Trump for contributing to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot [the Sentinel disagrees], but comparing Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to Joseph Goebbels is Trump-like excess. His speechwriters seem infused with woke ideology, as they cast the riot and most other events in the language of identity politics. Mr. Biden’s early legislative priorities also seem odd given that he has no great election mandate and a narrowly divided Congress. Ron Klain, his new White House chief of staff, described the top priorities as addressing four “overlapping and compounding crises”—Covid, the economy, climate, and racial justice. The rhetoric of “crisis” is the familiar progressive trope to scare the public into accepting radical change.

This is what the WSJ wanted. They’ve demeaned Trump’s agenda since day one. They got exactly what they asked for.

Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement is on the table, and the WSJ sees it as a nonstarter, but how so? Democrats have all the power.

The Biden team wants to grant citizenship rights to most illegal immigrants and to pump money into Latin America as the way to discourage illegal immigration, Alejandro Mayorkas, the pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security, told senators Tuesday.

Where will all this money come from to support them and then pay off their native countries run by dictators and cartels?

This is the Obama system and it failed miserably. But it’s meant to fail. It’s a ploy, nothing more.

Senator Tom Cotton responded, “…it’s what you’d expect from the party of open borders: Total amnesty, no regard for the health or security of Americans, and zero enforcement.”

At the same time, anyone in the NRA, Turning Point USA, Young Americans for Freedom, and other Republican clubs will be cleansed out of the military.


No more talk of exceptionalism or America First:

They hate you:

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Was this ever doubted???

2 years ago

In the past all Ben Stein could do is complain about Trump. I’m surprised they don’t “see” where this hate comes from. It’s all from one place, Social Media, and its construct. That media has created the need for people to want approval and when it’s not forthcoming, or there is disapproval, they become hostile. It’s a cesspool that is escalated on a daily basis and creates a never-ending loop spiraling downwards.

The right has made a big mistake using words like Communism and Socialism. It means very little to most people. For more than 50 years the educational system has failed in defining what these systems, by their nature, are. The only segment of society that understand the use were the Cuban immigrants of Florida, which went overwhelmingly for Trump. For the rest of the country it has little impact. It’s another case of Republican “consultants” who prefer the boogeyman to working class principles, which haven’t been Republican principles.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Now the Wall Street Journal that supported the Harris/Biden ticket is already whining but still trying to get a few more partisan kicks at our true but exiled President, President Trump.