Mollie Hemingway: suddenly a court of law undermines democracy


Judge Jeanine talked with Mollie Hemingway on Justice with Jeanine last night, focusing on Mollie’s recent article on The Federalist, Democrats Are Reaping the Fruit of Years of Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories.

Jeanine asked her what she was referring to in the article. Mollie explained she was talking about how going to a court of law suddenly undermines democracy. Going to courts happen quite regularly and should.

She said we just lived through four years of Democrats saying Trump colluded with Russia WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. Yet, somehow, going to a court of law is undermining democracy.

Hemingway said there is a divide in the Republican Party whether they should allow themselves to be treated as second-class citizens. She gave examples.

After a while, she said, Republicans decided they shouldn’t let this continue especially when the election suddenly switched to mail-in balloting at the same time scrutiny was decreased.

[That doesn’t include Liz Cheney who is railing about wanting evidence and an end to all this.]

Everyone should care about scrutinizing this election, Mollie said.


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