“Shocking,” “stunning” Georgia case coming, entirely new framework


Put-up or shut-up will be rolled out this week“…

~ Jordan Sekulow

Jordan Sekulow will file a “shocking” lawsuit Monday or Tuesday, according to President Donald Trump’s lawyer during an interview on Newsmax TV.

“We have got lawsuits likely to be filed in Georgia on either Monday or Tuesday; I can’t get into the details,” Sekulow, the son of Jay Sekulow, said.

“I can’t tell you right now, but what’s coming in Georgia will be shocking, when we file this in federal court Monday or Tuesday,” Jordan Sekulow told host Tom Basile. “It’s nothing that we have talked about before. It’s not what you heard in the press conference [Thursday] either.

“This is something completely separate.”

He added, to those saying “put up or shut up, it’s coming this week.”

“They’ve got to be outcome determinative, but I will tell you, the Lt. Gov. [Geoff Duncan] in Georgia, the Secretary of State in Georgia [Brad Raffensperger] in Georgia, they’re in for quite a shock on Monday and Tuesday about how poorly they run and they ran – there’s going to be a proof – of how poorly run they ran the elections in one of their major counties,” Sekulow said.

It doesn’t concern signature verification or the upcoming audit. He said that wasn’t a recount. They found new votes, not recounted votes.

Sekulow noted his legal team is working on the constitutional case, while the Trump campaign legal team of Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and Sidney Powell are focusing on compiling the evidence of voter fraud, including Dominion Voting Systems.

“Look at the in-fighting in Georgia: That’s a lawyer’s dream, so we’ve got to be there and we are,” Sekulow said.

Jordan Sekulow pointed to the federal court, which means it is likely a constitutional legal challenge. He did allude to “equal protection under the law.”



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