Monkeypox Has a New Forgettable Name That Won’t Offend Snowflakes


The World Health Organization says the name of our probable next pandemic, monkeypox, is racist. They say the name is racist because of the association with the origins of monkeypox in Africa. Huh? What’s offensive about this?

The WHO is afraid it will stigmatize and offend Africans.

They’re changing the name to HMPXV, but it will forever be known as monkeypox to the Sentinel since we’ll never remember HMPXV.

A gorilla reporter surprised by news on the phone.

According to WebMD, more than 30 international scientists urged the public health community to change the name of the virus. The scientists posted a letter on Friday, which included support from the Africa CDC, noting that the name should change with the ongoing transmission among humans this year.

It isn’t hard to find 30 crazy scientists. The number isn’t impressive.

“The prevailing perception in the international media and scientific literature is that MPXV is endemic in people in some African countries. However, it is well established that nearly all MPXV [pox] outbreaks in Africa prior to the 2022 outbreak have been the result of spillover from animals and humans, and only rarely have there been reports of sustained human-to-human transmissions,” they wrote.

“In the context of the current global outbreak, continued reference to, and nomenclature of this virus being African is not only inaccurate but is also discriminatory and stigmatizing,” they added.

Remember when science wasn’t politicized? You should. It was only when Barack Obama and Klaus Schwab came onto the scene.


Everything is racist and offensive, according to our new rulers here and abroad. By these standards, we’ll have to change the name of the capital. The left doesn’t like George Washington, so that has to go. We can name it after AOC or Sitting Bull. Actually, I admire Sitting Bull. We could call it the Indigenous District.

Along those lines, George Washington University is named after our first President and the mascot is dressed in his colonial army outfit, the uniform he wore as he led the Revolution.

That’s gone. People are upset with our great first president so the mascot is gone.

When a statist movement begins the march to a complete takeover, they have to destroy what exists. They begin with education, all forms of media, and rewrites of history.

The WOKE movement is global.

The reason we think monkeypox is the next pandemic is that The WHO is about to decide if it’s an international public health emergency.

Men having sex with men is the main reason it’s spreading.

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