Gov. De Santis Won’t Discuss Jan. 6 And the Panel [of Hacks]


As the stock market goes down another 800 points, gas, oil, food skyrocket, a dangerous war continues in Ukraine, and our borders are overrun, Democrats in the swamp only care about J6. Why? Gov. DeSantis told reporters today that he won’t to discuss Jan. 6. He said the Jan. 6 panel is “beating this dead horse” and the media is “living in a bubble.”

The Florida governor obliterated the J6 promoters.

There is, however, one thing we should all discuss. There are 50 people still in prison without charges or bail. A year and a half later? This is unAmerican. These people are not terrorists and there was no insurrection. There was a riot by a relatively small number of people.


Here we have Gov. DeSantis talking about something Americans want to talk about – energy.

Liz Cheney will lose her primary by 30 points soon if there is any justice in the world.
Liz Cheney should be gone soon and manufactured J6 hysteria will go with her. Cheney and her comrades on the committee are making fools of themselves. They look like partisan hacks. Oh, wait, they are partisan hacks.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Protesters ushered into a public building does not constitute a riot. Since 50 people are not charged, and the entire effort is under secrecy, why assume any of them are rioters?

That fine OAN documentary on January 6th showed that the vast majority of Trump supporters were at Trump’s speech a mile away, and a 40 minute walk given the crowd.

Walking over to the Capitol and entering the building in the aftermath of a clearly staged riot is not a crime. Conceding on an issue like that is symptomatic of the weak conservatism which dominates the GOP, which is and will fail.

1 year ago

Patriotic Americans need to go after the Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers for their crimes against humanity.