Moonbat Mayor Wants a Law to Prosecute Police in Justified Shootings


Sacramento’s hack mayor Darrell Steinberg has gone completely mad. He wants to see police officers in prison for justified shootings. The case that is bringing this about is the Stephon Clark case. Clark was shot and killed last year in his grandmother’s backyard after he pulled out what police thought was a gun, but was only a cell phone.

The mayor apologized over and over to the Clark family after the attorney general decided not to prosecute the officers. Steinberg said he hoped this would be a “tipping point” for change.

The mayor wants to prosecute police, not based on whether it’s a reasonable shooting, but on whether it could have been prevented. Even if the officers had no way of knowing it was preventable, they could be prosecuted.


High on drugs and alcohol, including Xanax, codeine, hydrocodone, marijuana, and cocaine, Stephon Clark, who had been smashing car windows, was confronted by a neighbor with a baseball bat. Police officers were called and were told by an officer in a helicopter that the suspect was in a backyard. It was later identified as his grandparents’ house. Police had no way of knowing that, especially after he smashed in the sliding glass door with a cinderblock brick.

Officers caught up with him out front and ordered Clark to stop and show his hands. Instead, the 22-year-old ran into the backyard of the home.

The officers pursued when Stephon went into a shooting stance and advanced towards officers from 30 feet to 16 feet with an object extended towards them.

An officer yelled “Gun, gun, gun.” That was caught on a bodycam video, along with a flash of light.

The officers thought it was a gun flashing and discussed getting the gun from him safely. Police eventually shot Clark.

The officers were then investigated for a year.

Two days before Clark died, he beat the mother of his children who texted him to say he’d be locked up for the rest of his life. He texted her the night of his death, asking if she wanted him dead.

He was suicidal when he responded to the officers.

Now, after the fact, the mayor said that somehow officers should have known he was probably mentally ill and it wasn’t his fault. The mayor wants to change the law so that after the shooting if there was any way to have prevented it, the officers could be prosecuted. That would apply even if they had no way of knowing the allegedly qualifying circumstances.

Hard-left California AG Xavier Becerra is working with Steinberg on the law. Steinberg wants to imprison police even if they did not commit a crime and reacted normally. To him, it’s better to have police die than lose one criminal punk.

They will soon have ‘transformational community policing’ where criminals are given a better-than-level playing field over cops.

This is also what the community activists want.


  1. It could have been prevented if A) Stephen Clark had not been high on drugs and alcohol, including Xanax, codeine, hydrocodone, marijuana, and cocaine, B) Stephon Clark had not been smashing car windows and/or C) Stephen Clark had complied with the police officer(s) orders.
    This shooting was entirely Stephen Clark’s fault because of his criminal behavior.

  2. beyond me why a police officer would sign on to work in this hostile environment. Complete your training, etc., and look for a better community to serve that appreciates law and order. This would apply to many cities that harass their first responders and, I’ll bet there’s a large number of American communities that would welcome these first responders.

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