Moonbats React to President’s Burger Feast for the Clemson Tigers


President Trump was faced with the shutdown and a sparse White House staff when the Clemson Tigers’ football team visited the White House, so he ordered 300 McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King burgers, and pizza. He paid for the $3,000 meal himself. It goes along with who he is, the blue-collar billionaire.

The reaction from the left to the hamburgers, the President’s harmless jokes, all of it, has been absolutely absurd.


Listen to Erin Burnett and Joan Walsh go bonkers over the President joking that Melania Trump and Karen Pence could have made salads for the Clemson Tigers’ football team.

Angry, snowflake women are getting annoying.

The two idiots on Good Morning America were more idiotic than usual.

Burger King trolled the President because he spelled hamburgers wrong. This is the world we live in, where Burger King gets snarky with the President.

Even the alleged economic genius had to say something irrelevant.

Paul Krugman, who is usually wrong about everything, missed the fact that the ‘hamburgers’ are the great American food, and it has nothing to do with who owns the company. They were made in America.


One community organizer in New York City wrote, Did the person eat a Big Mac on the camera screen good lord. 

Another wrote, “Great American CONMAN President Donald Trump speaks of the other great American CON, namely that ‘McDonalds’ is ‘Great American food”!

A third wrote, “he’s so bizarre and wooden, just standing there pivoting around slightly. Very strange.

Then there was this reaction: What is strange is their reactions.

We’ll leave you with this. The Clemson quarterback said, “It was awesome.” The young man has class.

And that’s not all!

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