Stunning Historical Defeat for Theresa May’s Very Bad Brexit Deal


Theresa May suffered a stunning defeat as 432 in Parliament voted against her very bad Brexit deal. More than a hundred from her own party voted against her, while only 202 voted for it. It’s a much worse defeat than anyone expected.

A vote of no confidence will possibly come next, but conservatives aren’t going to chance the communist/socialist labour party getting into power.

There are only 10 weeks to go until the U.K. is scheduled to leave the bloc.

The powers-that-be could force a new vote on Brexit.


Right now, Britain has a handful of unelected old men in Brussels telling them what they can do, particularly about immigration. Instead of the EU simply becoming an economic pact as originally conceived, it’s also a political dictatorship.

The argument over Brexit was whether the U.K. should make decisions about its own sovereignty, govern by its own laws, have its own Supreme Court make its decisions, and make decisions about its own borders.

Theresa May and her globalist buddies organized a coup to destroy Brexit.

May planned to keep all of Brussels Draconian rules with open borders and Brussels controls over everything they sell, but still call it Brexit.

May would agree to stay in the Customs Union indefinitely and abide by their rules at least until 2023. The U.K. would be able to leave if the EU said it was okay.

They have to pay for the privilege of not leaving

According to Nigel Farage, the legally-binding deal requires the U.K. to give away 60 billion Sterling in return, for a certain number of years, accepting all the EU rules, and new ones as well, without any say over how those laws are made — taxation without representation. The U.K. does not get back control over their borders, they won’t be able to do trade deals for some years, and the worst is the U.K. will only be allowed to leave the Customs Union if the EU agrees to it as well, which they will never do.

It’s less sovereignty than they had before her ‘deal,’ and the entire fiasco could go on for years and years.


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herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Globalism is defeated, hopefully here at home people are awakened and get rid of the globalist in our government.

Albert Moore
4 years ago

It’s amazing that there were 202 MPs so daft as to vote for it.

Albert Moore
4 years ago

Nigel for PM.

4 years ago

She is a poor leader, not very capable, and also intentionally failed, similar to Ryan, Mitch, Romney, McCain.