More Evidence of Mail-it-in Voter Fraud…Shhhh


Last week another state found evidence of alleged voter fraud. West Virginia’s secretary of state says they’re investigating an absentee ballot fraud scheme that was connected to the state’s mass effort for absentee voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In very early April, West Virginia’s county clerk’s offices began an effort to mail absentee ballots to every registered voter in that state.  Essentially everyone in that category had one mailed to their address.

On May 21st, Secretary of State Mac Warner announced that his office had investigated a ballot fraud scam and referred their findings to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution.  The WV Election Fraud Task Force responded quickly, the ruse was discovered early, and authorities claim this will have no impact on the outcomes of elections.

Warner tried to boost confidence in the system by saying, “Our primary strategy is to deter and prevent election fraud from taking place.  I prefer compliance with the law over criminal convictions.  But those who try to meddle with our elections will be held accountable.”

That’s all well and good in theory but begs the critical question.  Mr. Warner, exactly when will the perps “be held accountable”?  Look at the timeline of events.  Roughly seven weeks passed before the voting fraud was discovered.

Now multiply that scenario by the number of mostly blue states flooding mailboxes with absentee ballots, perhaps much closer to election day.

Can you imagine the kind of post-election chaos created by this kind of scandal, found weeks after the polls close?   How does that get fixed?

The answer is it probably doesn’t.  A cynic would say because those in charge wouldn’t want it fixed.  And plenty of us are getting a lot more cynical.

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