More from the Green Scam: Exempting Yachts & Private Jets


Private jets are very polluting forms of transportation, and they will be exempt from the carbon tax. They are to be classified as “business aviation” used to conduct business. Pleasure flights are exempt too, Zerohedge reports.

A recent report found that private-jet CO2 emissions in Europe rose by 31% between 2005 and 2019, with flights to popular destinations up markedly during summer holiday seasons. Europe isn’t that concerned about climate change, are they?

Of course, since it is mostly billionaires and the ultra-wealthy that fly private, they will be exempt. They are the big donors to politicians. The peasants will pay the freight.

According to a new report from Transport & Environment (T&E) titled “Climate Impacts of Exemptions to EU’s Shipping Proposals:
Arbitrary exemptions undermine integrity of shipping laws
” , more than half of Europe’s ships would be exempt from the European Commission’s carbon pricing plan for the sector. Among them: highly polluting if extremely desirable – for the Monte Carlo set – yachts, reports Zerohedge.

According to the report, in July 2021, the European Commission published a set of proposals to decarbonize the maritime sector. However, what they left out, is that the proposed carbon pricing scheme (ETS) and the low GHG fuel standard (FuelEU Maritime) will only apply to ships above 5,000 GT and exclude a number of ship types such as offshore vessels, fishing vessels and…. yachts.

They want the peasants to pay for everything as they Build Back Socialist.

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