More Good Biden News: Biden & Dems Killed Businesses — Massively


The number of people who lost their jobs during Biden’s economy has been massive according to CNBC.

The Daily Wire reported, “CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer” said on Friday morning that 3.1 million people have been out of work due to closures thanks to inflation or government regulations.

“3.1 million people reported they’ve been unable to work because their employer closed or lost business,” Cramer said.

“This is what I’m hearing from a lot of CEOs is that basically, look, we can’t staff, or we’re looking for people, or a lot of our customers are going under,” he added.

Omicron, or at least the hyping of it, is responsible for a lot of it, but as CNBC noted, the inflation being experienced under President Biden has put many businesses out of commission.

Many have turned to freelance work:

While the establishment survey showed much lower-than-expected job gains, the household count told a different story, with a gain of 651,000. There also were upward revisions for prior months, with the final October tally pushed up to 648,000, an increase of 102,000, while November’s disappointing report gained 39,000 in its first revision to 249,000.

People are working from home or going to temp work. Democrats and Biden have created an unstable work environment. The fear is devastating regulations are right around the corner. People are not chancing working for others.

The Trump tax cuts put the self-employed in a better position, and that’s what Democrats plan to obliterate.

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