Looks Like MSNBC Is Finally Ditching Joy Reid


It looks like the very dishonest partisan Joy Reid is out at MSNBC. How they could have this woman on at all is a mystery.

News Cycle Media’s Jon Nicosia reported on Twitter that a Comcast source said, “Joy Reid will lose her 7p show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC.”

He predicted Chris Cuomo’s firing as well.

Nicosia mentioned in tweets that she has been “less than truthful about past incidents” on air.

According to Nielsen data, The Reidout started the year with an average of 2,592,000 viewers. By November, that number of viewers had dropped to 1,129,000.

She appears to hate white people.

After a jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five counts, Reid argued Rittenhouse’s acquittal has a historic precedent that goes back to the days of slavery.

Allegedly, the network was unhappy with her comments about Kyle Rittenhouse after she tainted the trial. She’s viewed as uncontrollable.

When Rittenhouse testified, she said:

“You want to know why Critical Race Theory exists, the actual law school theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in America often still have racially discriminatory outcomes?” she asks. “Then look no further than the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.”

“Earlier today, the teenager accused of murdering two men and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year took to the stand in his own defense,” she said. “The circumstances are almost built for an actual CRT course. The white now 18-year-old faces an almost entirely white jury of his peers, with the exception of one black man, and then there’s Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has barred the prosecution from calling the people Rittenhouse killed victims.”

Uh, that’s what he should tell them.

The network and Reid will very possibly get hit with a lawsuit. She was tampering with the case.


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