More on NJ’s Insane Sex/Gender Curriculum for K-12


The woman who shared documents on the new New Jersey gender curriculum for Grades K-2 has a dropbox and we urge New Jersey parents to review the material and decide if they think this is appropriate for their children.

The New Jersey curriculum actually links to a site recommending porn for little children.

As an educator, I find the curriculum very damaging for young children. There are no positive benefits but there are very troubling negative ones.

The dropbox link to the lesson plans is here. Please review if your children are going to be subjected to them.

You can go to Board of Education meetings and tell these Board members how you feel. They are not following the science of child development. It’s child abuse.

Porn is very unhealthy for children.

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1 year ago

This all started back when both parents decided to work and allowed their priorities to change. . trusting our government schools to help raise our children. Many never thought to check in on what was really going on in our schools.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Voting for leftists causes leftist results. It is worse than only porn, it is a combination of porn and gender identity distortion. Society is so corrupt and awful that I do not expect improvement. People are accepting failure and are in denial.