1619 Project Author: Greatest Generation Were Racists, Suppressing Blacks


Hannah Nicole-Jones, the author of the 1619 Project, is so divorced from the reality of history that it’s unclear why anyone would accept her curriculum, take her 1619 seriously, give her a position in the field, or even just listen to her.

MSNBC hosts like racists Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross and others trashed host Chris Wallace over his exchange about racism with Nikole Hannah-Jones. They should have been condemning Jones, but they likely don’t know much about history either.

During the latest episode of the CNN+ series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, they discussed her essay and book on the 1619 Project, among other topics.

Her fake history is now being taught in schools throughout the nation. It’s hateful and racist.

She thinks we only got ‘democracy’ from the black civil rights movement. Jones falsely claimed black service members came home from World War II and were lynched. She then said the Greatest Generation was “brutally suppressing democracy for millions of Americans”

Chris Wallace stuck up for the brave military who saved the world from Hitler and tyranny.

Jones announced that the greatest generation, the brave men who liberated Europe and defeated the Axis powers in World War II were racists who brutally suppressed black people.

These TV hosts who support her dishonest version of history need to become educated before they spread this propaganda around.

Her information on the Klan and the greatest generation is confused and inaccurate. She sees things through a prism of anti-white racism. Wallace should have asked for her facts and came prepared with his own facts.

By the way, she’s a communist, and her past is checkered. For example, she doxed a reporter and then lied about it. Jones has no regard for parents either. The truth about 1619 is on this link.


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