More Twitter Staff Resign, Usage Goes Up, All’s Well at Twitter


Twitter’s staff is allegedly resigning by the hundreds, but usage is up as people go on to discuss the death of Twitter. Twitter has a lot of AI and kind of runs itself. Mr. Musk, responding to a tweet by Barstool Sports, wrote that the best employees are staying.

Mr. Musk doesn’t appear worried. He’s making memes, joking about it.

According to the tech reporter at Fortune [fake news] Magazine, Kylie Robison, Elon Musk sent an email this morning around 9 am asking “anyone who actually writes software” to meet him at Twitter at 2 pm today, amid a wave of departures at the company following a Thursday deadline for employees to recommit.

Elon had allegedly sent another email telling staff that flying out for technical interviews is “appreciated” but “not essential.”

Robison said that the director of engineering sent a message to the capacity engineering team at Twitter (the team responsible for making sure everyone has enough resources for their servers to run). He said that he was getting more information for them on “Elon’s ask,” and he’ll find out if travel is necessary.

Robison claims 1,000 to 1200 more staff resigned. If she’s right, he has about 700 to 900 employees left. That’s probably all he needs if they are willing to actually work, that is.

Also, the tyrannical senators want the FTC to investigate Twitter.

Additionally, he created his new free speech policy with free speech but not freedom of reach and no negative/hate speech.

He reinstated three notables:

He said his usage is way up because people are talking about the death of Twitter on Twitter:

Elon’s Twitter is going to be investigated by the FTC, so he retweeted this:

Elon Musk brought Babylon Bee back:

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