Morning Clown World with Joe Biden


Clown World President! After surrendering Afghanistan in the worst way possible, getting us into a proxy war with Russia, and donating to both sides of the Israel-Hamas war but leaning toward Hamas, Biden wants his legacy to be that he reduced the prospect of a war like that in Vietnam. Right. It’s actually worse. We’re heading for World War II.

Walking is difficult; come on now, RNC Research. Anyone would be confused. there are issues like where do I stand, which foot first, and is it one before the other.

Adjunct Professor Biden doesn’t know the basics. With conditions, you could own a cannon when the country was founded. It was very helpful to own one. We should all have one now. In the clip, he says you couldn’t own a cannon and has been told repeatedly that is inaccurate. He likes to boast that he taught at the University of Pennsylvania for two years, but it was a $1 million payoff with rare appearances. Nice gig if you have favors to hand out.

Oh, look, Biden cites the law.

And now for the real success story. He can make inflation grow.

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