Grift Alert! Gun Grabber David Hogg


Remember David Hogg, the so-called survivor of the Parkland School Murders? He was accepted into Harvard with an average record after he became a Parkland hero. All he had to do was rush back to school on his bike when he heard of the mass killings and claim he was a Parkland survivor. He stood on the bodies of his dead classmates for fame. The media loved him. He became the gun-grabbing savior.

After the 2022 midterms, Hogg created Leaders We Deserve PAC. Its purported goal is to elect Generation Z politicians to nationwide offices. He created the PAC with Kevin Lata, the campaign manager for Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL). She is a Generation Z Democrat elected in 2022.

Now, David Hogg’s PAC has been accused of spending comparably little on actual candidates as opposed to travel and expenses. His counsel is a familiar name in such controversies: Marc Elias. Elias is Hillary Clinton’s election integrity hatchet man.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley writes:

Elias has long been a controversial figure, including being sanctioned in court. He was named as the key figure in hiding the funding of the Steele dossier by the Clinton campaign, which led later to a FEC fine. Reporters accused the campaign of lying to them about the funding. Elias was also reportedly with campaign chair John Podesta when he allegedly denied such funding to congressional investigators.

Despite accusing the GOP of election denial and manipulation, Elias was also involved in alleged gerrymandering efforts and challenging the outcome of elections based on alleged problems with voting machine tallies.

Gun control activist David Hogg has been hit with allegations over the spending practices of his group Leaders We Deserve PAC. Hogg created a group in the aftermath of the 2022 midterm elections to elect Generation Z politicians to offices throughout the country.

David Hogg garnered a lot of press when he formed the Leaders We Deserve PAC, promising GenZ candidates the resources to win:

“[We’re] trying to pick them and say, you know, we would like to help you run for office, we’ll supply you with all of the resources that you need and help basically coach you and hold your hand to get there, which is kind of the gap that’s in the space right now, for at least young people at the state legislative level.”

That is not what he did. Instead, he enriched himself and Marc Elias.

Jonathan Turley writes:

“Federal filings reportedly show that year-end 2023, Leaders We Deserve raised over $3 million. That is impressive for its first year in operation.

“The conservative sites allege that the group spent “only about $263,000 on its stated mission of electing candidates from Generation Z to office combined with donations to other Democrat Party committees and groups—and instead spent more than $1.4 million on disbursements to themselves for payroll and to political consulting firms and legal fees, in addition to travel and entertainment expenses like hotels, flights, and meals.”

“…it reportedly spent more than $1,314,000 on travel and related expenses while giving $80,000 to the Elias Law Group.”

The money has not gone to electing candidates but to luxurious expenses, such as travel bills, political consultants, and legal fees. In 2023, the group only spent on a handful of candidates—four—one of whom was already serving in the U.S. Congress, Frost.

Some of the donors are:
  • Filmmaker Alexander Adell – $10,000 donation;
  • Tusk Holdings CEO Bradley Tusk – $10,000;
  • Florida investor Gary Sugarman – $10,000; Omaha,
  • Barbara Weitz – $100,000;
  • Chicago-based Democrat Judy Wise—who served in former President Barack Obama’s administration as an adviser on gun control- $25,000;
  • Pilot House Associates Chairman Amos Hostetter- $25,000;
  • San Francisco-based venture capitalist Ronald Conway – $100,000;
  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick- $1,000:
  • Democrat Lindsey Boylan-$1,000.

The media and Democrats pick strange heroes. Remember what he said in 2018? The Harvard student-turned-fundraiser said politicians should have addressed school shootings “centuries ago,” which means George Washington, King Henry VIII, and maybe even Caesar were negligent.

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