Morning Joe is completely bonkers, defining all Trump supporters as terrorists


Morning Joe Scarborough and Rob Reiner are two of the lunatics greatly exaggerating the riot at the Capitol on January 6th. It’s a transparent effort to paint all of Trump’s supporters as terrorists. These are the same people who never noticed Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Unfortunately, these people are supporting a communist agenda.

This riot, by a relatively small number of Trump supporters, under 200 of them, was under 1% of the number of people in attendance who were peaceful.

We heard over and over how the Antifa and BLM protests were mostly peaceful. However, the 1-6 protest has become the Democrats Reichstag fire. They are using it to take over the entire government and destroy Republicans.

Of that, there is no doubt.

As for Morning Joe, he has an ax to grind. Donald Trump suggested he murdered the aide found dead under his desk a number of years ago.

Watch Joe go completely bonkers:



  1. Oh the pearl clutching and historic concern by the comrades.
    Maybe a guest appearance by Pajama Boy to get his hot take on the dastardly storming of the sacred lectern by the horny unwashed vandals of the revolution!
    Pearl Harbor has nothing on this attempted putsch and it is a day that will live in infamy!

  2. Democrats realized that the Globalist Party was over and they all went insane. There isn’t anything that is going on in DC that makes any sense for The People and reeks of a Government that has lost moral authority and is gearing up to use military (and police) force to stay in power. Whether the election was stolen is now a mute point, it’s obvious that they are coming after everyone who disagrees with them. This will not end well.

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