Biden’s numbers sink to the lowest of his presidency


President Biden’s job approval ratings continue to tank, imagine that. The latest poll shows ​50 percent of Americans disapprove of his performance in the White House. Independents now have Biden’s job approval in negative territory.

The president, dealing with intense criticism over his bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, tyrannical vaccine mandates, and a surge in COVID cases, has seen his approval rating fall to 42 percent in the Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. It is a drop of four points since early August. ​

It also marks the first time Biden’s ratings have fallen into negative territory in the Quinnipiac poll since he took office in January. ​​

Democrats approve of the job Biden is doing 88 to 7 percent, Republicans disapprove 91 to 7 percent and independents disapprove 52 to 34 percent. ​More evidence of polarization driven by the extreme far-left and the far-left media in particular.

Forty-eight percent of Americans think Biden’s vaccine plan goes too far, according to the poll. Meanwhile, 39% of individuals polled think it’s a fair approach while 10% said it doesn’t go far enough.

Apparently, 49% prefer tyranny or just aren’t informed.

A YouGov economist poll has his approval under 40% overall.

He’s Crashing and Burning!

Other surveys began showing Biden’s approval rating falling below 50 percent at the beginning of August.

Based on his appalling and dangerous Afghanistan performance, Rasmussen found that 40% of Democrats now agree with 83% of Republicans who say it’s impeachable.

According to a recent Zogby poll, one-fifth of all Biden voters, including one-fifth of Democrats, regret voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, according to a recent poll that was conducted prior to the severely mishandled U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The poll, published on Sept. 3, showed 20 percent of voters regretted voting for Biden, while 76 percent did not. Four percent of voters “were not sure how they felt.” When broken down to political ideology, 21 percent of Democrats admitted regret compared to 29 percent of Republicans.



  1. This just in from Dominion-Polls schmolls we have an agenda and you’ll live in the pod, eat bugs, boosters to infinity and like it!
    But muh democracy and the glorious egalitarian unity collective.
    Gruesome Gavin Newsome and Stacy Abrams 2024.
    Yes we can!
    Corporate sponsors are lining up now for the final stop on the muh democracy smoke and mirrors tour.

  2. Biden wrongly believed the approvals with Covid also translated to “mandates” and other harsh restrictions. Accurate polling showed those who approved of Biden with a majority was with Covid. In all other categories he had higher disapproval numbers. Those results also had a majority who were against mandates and other restrictions. Biden will likely see his poll number tank over Covid, now that he went against the majority opinion, and those numbers may be down with the rest, in the mid to upper 30’s.

  3. But, but, but, the most popular preezy of the steezy evarz in the most fair and transparent election evarz, I saw it on teevee.
    To say that he got more votes than Imam Hussein with a straight face is one hundred percent raining on the leg time.

  4. Liberal Polls Lie! Traitor Joe probably only has 25% approval. Wait until the truth about the vaccines he’s mandating come out. They may stop death, but they aren’t a true vaccine.

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