Most popular president ever makes a fool of himself on the world stage


Joe Biden made a fool of himself and the entire country during his trip to the G7 but the EU loves him. He got us into The Great Reset and gave away our wealth all over the place.

All that matters is that the world loves us, especially China, Russia, and Iran.

It isn’t dangerous at all having a president who is in the advanced stages of dementia (sarcasm). We can’t wait to see Putin’s reaction tomorrow.

Oh, and we must mention that reporters explained Biden was deep in thought here.


We blame his handlers and his wife more than him for this humiliation of our nation. Only America haters could back this doddering fool for President.

Biden is going to get in trouble for this next clip, but we wonder who he is in trouble with and what the punishment is.

“And uh, I’ve said before and I apologize for the – Oh, I didn’t Jake Sullivan from the State Department [inaudible]. I’m leaving out a lot of people here I apologize. I’m going to get in trouble. But, anyway, we’ll get back to that. But um we um you know…”


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