Most states might limit transgenders in sports and in delaying puberty


Legislators in more than half the states are debating bills to limit access to sports or gender-medical-care for transgenders, like drugs to delay puberty.

At least 35 bills have been introduced to ban transgender students from playing sports in leagues that conform to their gender identity.

Another 25 bills would prohibit access to gender-affirming medical care, in some cases with criminal punishments for parents who approve the care or doctors who perform it.

In some states, taxpayers won’t have to pay for a person making themselves look like a person of a different gender. Some might also ban dangerous drugs to delay puberty, a big Democrat agenda item.

One state, Idaho, has passed a bill banning students from participating in sports under their gender identity, in 2020. None have passed measures that would block minors’ access to medical care, which usually involves medication to delay puberty.

The report notes that several states are making significant progress with legislation banning transgenders from participating in girls’ sports.

LGBT groups are outraged.

The Human Rights Campaign group declared in a Twitter post on Wednesday, “Anti-trans bills and anti-choice bills come from the same source. They’re all about controlling our bodies.”

No one cares what they do with their bodies. It’s what they are doing to women’s sports and children that raises concerns.

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