Movement against the Bill of Rights is succeeding


Drawing by Antonio Branco

Under the guise of keeping us safe, officials, mostly Democrats, are experimenting with robbing us of our civil liberties. This is what we can look forward to beyond the virus if we don’t start fighting.

The American Center for Law and Justice is suing HUD to halt the confiscation of Bibles in public housing. This confiscation is based on a rule by the ex-president, Barack Obama, who banned them and any religious anything in 2010. For years now, the left has told us we aren’t even allowed the right to proselytize or even share our beliefs in public. That is discrimination.

Today, things are much worse. Religion is under attack, particularly the Christian religion. In order for socialism to work, our faith in religion must be destroyed or greatly reduced. Christianity — and Judaism — are a special threat because Judeo-Christian beliefs are the basis of our constitution and our form of government.

In case you haven’t noticed, our government is no longer based on the consent of the American people. Too many officials do whatever they want with little regard for how their voters feel about a particular issue.

For example, most Americans want some limits on abortion, but in several states, the officials ruled abortion to the moment of birth is allowed and there are no rules for post-birth abortion.


Illegal aliens have standing in courts and Democrats want them to have all of our benefits, accompanied by open borders.

Criminals have standing in court and are released from prison over a virus.

What would our founders say about all this taxation without representation? Why are we allowing trillions in spending that will cause inflation and perhaps collapse our economy?

Government jobs go on but private industry is being erased with this economic lockdown. They should share in the pain, shouldn’t they?

People are treated similar to the way Chinese people are treated. There is a great deal of oppression when democrat mayors and governors can get away with it.

Recently, drive-in Christian church services were banned even though there was no congregating involved. In fact, as churchgoers attempted to attend such a service in Kentucky, they found nails all over the entranceways to the parking lot.Thie license numbers were taken and they were ordered to quarantine for 14 days.

A 12-year-old girl was cited for playing basketball by herself, a surfer was arrested for surfing alone, a father was handcuffed to a picnic table for taking his children out with no one else around, and Michigan’s tyrannical governor banned the sale of seeds and won’t let people go to their second home or a neighbor’s house.

A 6-year-old and a father were dragged off a Philadelphia subway car for not wearing a mask.


Wake Up!

We are losing free speech, freedom of religion, the right to assemble, the freedom to choose who can come into our country, the right to reject taxation, and the entire Bill of Rights. Now, Dr. Fauci is talking about immunity cards.

Wake the Hell up! Someone wake Bill Barr up too!


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Francis W. Porretto
2 years ago

It’s not just Democrats. Some Republicans, including President Trump, are proving susceptible to the trend via the route of a sufficiently hyped “crisis.”

If you can panic the public to a sufficient degree, you can get people to march in lockstep: eyes front, hands at their sides, no questions. Panic is one of the omnipotent keys; the other is hatred. Great demagogues have always known this.

2 years ago

People are living in fear and the government is perpetuating their fear by the constant barrage of case counts and death counts. The number of cases are meaningless, without knowing the number of people actually being admitted to the hospital and ICU. You’ll need to look far and wide to find the number of recoveries. Whoever is running this show should be commended. How many people are aware that some state’s are counting every death as covid?

2 years ago

It Should be surprising that so many in the public are willing to accept any restrictions the governments proposes. Could it be the social media culture and capitalizing on that front. A person can sure tell the effect of Facebook with the remarks by Pence and Birx, their constant, relentless ‘stroking’ of the public in their ‘house arrest’. Basically these two are hitting the share button and giving the public “Likes”. For myself, I find it nauseating. And I find nearly unanimous agreement with comments on Facebook in support of their stroking the public with constant remarks “how well” the public are “obeying” their “guidelines”. It’s repeated over and over and over again, day after day after day. I doubt it would be the same if it weren’t for the “Like” culture. A former designer of the system knew perfectly well the effect it would have, and did it anyway. NOW, he regrets it, and NOW, we see its aftermath.

Safety Uber Alles
Safety Uber Alles
2 years ago

I was wondering when people would figure out that the government wants them gone.
Notice who the virus effects…the useless eaters or untermenschen.
Billy Gates and Dr. Faustus will lead us to the glorious godless technocratic utopia and the sheep will go along willingly while crying keep me safe mommygov.
The pleasant scenes on the telescreens of the glass dollhouse of delusion are about to be smashed to reveal the every man for himself Law of the Jungle which is not negotiable.

2 years ago

It has become time to use our 2nd Amendment rights to protect the other 9. That’s why the right to bear arms was made a fundamental right. Our forefathers knew this day would come,and it has arrived.