Barack Obama endorses Sleepy Joe, fully embraces the extreme far-left platform


Barack Obama endorsed senile Joe Biden, the figurehead candidate, who is currently accused of sexual molestation and spreads disinformation regularly. The former president’s endorsement began with accolades for our wonderful heroes who are fighting the illness and concentrated on embracing Bernie Sanders as an “American original” and his platform.

He suggested Joe is humble, empathetic, knowledgeable, experienced, and honest [all the things he is not]. Barack said he is “so proud” to endorse him, and congratulated himself for selecting him as VP.

Then he referenced the losses Joe has suffered personally and complimented Jill as a “lifelong teacher.”

Obama portrayed Joe as a man who is moral with faith in God, America, and all of us. Most of us on the right see him as someone with no moral core who will go with the winds of change.

In truth, Joe wants all Americans to pay for abortions at least to the moment of birth.


Obama gave Joe credit for the things he himself accomplished. That was nice of him.

Obama also called Bernie “an America original” to suck up to the Bernie Bros. Democrats need the communists and socialists to win. In fact, that is who they are now.

In reality, Bernie hates America, loves dictators, and is a communist.

Then Obama said his platform would be different today and said Bernie and Joe recognized that. Joe has already adopted most of Bernie’s communist agenda. Obama is now embracing this same far-far-left agenda, the “most progressive ever” under the false guise of helping the common man.

The former president doesn’t want us to “tinker around the edges” and suggested he wants us to go further into basically, socialism with healthcare free for all, extreme climate change policies, and free education for all.

This Marxist ex-president claims the Republicans are out for power when socialism by its nature is putting all power in the hands of a few elite. He calls it a “great awakening,” and could better call it a communist revolution.

He also made it clear he will be on the campaign trail. In fact, he will be the campaigner and the candidate.

Watch the BS:

In addition, we have his wife, the former First Lady, pushing a fraudulent voting scheme.

Michelle Obama just adopted mail-in voting, a transparently fraudulent voting system. She wants people to be able to access downloadable, printable forms to vote. She supports mail-in ballots, early no-excuse absentee voting, and 20-day early voting nationwide.

Jimmy Carter’s committee said absentee voting provides the most opportunities for fraud.



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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Here comes the fraudulent Communist Messiah bringing all socialists with him including all college students.

Scorpion Venom
Scorpion Venom
3 years ago

Fly on the wall insiders say the One stated…never underestimate Joe’s ability to F’ it all up.
Also apparatchiks were shocked that the strutting peacock was worried only about muh legacy regarding lunchbox cornpop’s run at the White House.
Now that the comrades have their orders from the Chicago Messiah it is vote for Joe who has worked in government for 50 years.
Bernie Bros got the shaft again! Bwahaha! Get the onesies out and have some hot cocoa while talking about the glorious sobamacare clueless comrades.

Bottom-Line Jim
Bottom-Line Jim
3 years ago

Obama said he “was so proud to endorse Biden.”
That’s why he waited until April 14, 2020. Because he was so proud.
Biden announced his candidacy on April 25, 2019.

3 years ago

The Left would have no problem with this even if Obi-the-One had to lead Joe out on stage, and say: Joe says this, and Joe says this about that, while Joe stands there looking confused. While the media clown show goes nuts over what a great candidate Joe is.