Mr. Pence Took Down ISIS, Russians, Stopped the Invasion?


Mike Pence hopes he’s seen as helping to defeat ISIS, take down the Russian military in Syria, and keep Russia from invading Ukraine.

Mike Pence was on America’s Newsroom this morning and was asked to respond to Donald Trump’s claim that he could end the Ukraine war in 24 hours.

A puffed-up, Mike Pence said, “Well, I would say, look, the reason why Russia did not even attempt to redraw international lines by force during our administration is because we were strong. What’s this “we?”

“We made it clear that we not only had rebuilt our military but were willing to use military force in Syria. Our armed forces took down ISIS, and frankly, we took down over 100 Russian soldiers in a military engagement in Syria itself,” Pence said with feigned grit.

More Munitions, Send Them Faster

“So look, I understand President Zelensky’s frustration. The Russians were in Crimea, they had taken that area during the Obama years, but look, there’s only one pathway toward success here. And that is to give the Ukrainian military, much more quickly than Joe Biden has done, what they need to repel the Russian invasion and reclaim their country.”

He said it’s in the U.S. interest “to give the Ukrainians what they need to stop [Russians] there.”

“But Joe Biden’s been slow on it,” Pence said. “I mean, he just approved the cluster munitions, which the Russians have been using for a year and a half against Ukrainian forces.”

“I welcome the cluster munitions,” added Pence, who suggested that providing these weapons to Ukraine is key to the country’s success in battling Russia. “I think it ends by giving the Ukrainians what they need to win.”

The U.K., France, and Germany object and will discuss it in Vilnius at the NATO summit. Ukraine and Russia have already used cluster bombs in the war.

That’s all he wrote – send more munitions and send them quickly. Nothing creative came from Pence except his claim that he’s the tough guy. Watch the clip:

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