Mr. Zelensky Threatens Europe and Elon Musk! Ingratitude!


In an interview with the Economist, Zelensky allegedly warned that curtailing aid would “create risks for the West in its own backyard.”

“There is no way of predicting how the millions of Ukrainian refugees in European countries would react to their country being abandoned,” Zelensky said. As usual, when he threatens those who support him, he adds how grateful they are for the asylum, but there’s no guarantee they will continue to be grateful.

He said, “…it would not be a ‘good story’ for Europe if it were to ‘drive these people into a corner.’”

There could be a language problem, but then you listen to his American spokesperson and think it’s what he means. The spokesperson, a trans [an American man dressed as a woman], threatens to come after people who don’t agree with them.


Gee, he doesn’t sound like George Washington here. He sounds more like Attila the Hun or Julius Caeser.

He also told the Economist that now is not the time for diplomacy, and he’s ready to shift to a war economy as he prepares for a long war [as his people die and his country is destroyed?].

President Zelensky sees no diplomatic solution to Russia’s war against Ukraine as he believes in “no deal with Russian President Putin on territory,” he said.

He hasn’t tried a deal and will fight to the last Ukrainian. Some say Zelensky’s going to start World War III.


In addition to threatening Europe, he is attacking Mr. Musk, who saved his country with Starlink.

Zelensky also viciously attacked Elon Musk verbally. He accused Mr. Musk of “committing evil” and accused him of being responsible for killing children. He wants Mr. Musk to put Starlink on the border which makes him directly involved in the war. Starlink wasn’t meant for that. From the beginning, when Musk generously provided Starlink and saved them, he said he would not put it on the borders and become involved in fighting the war.

Rachel Maddow is also pushing disinformation and thinks it’s appropriate for a government to force a US company to fight the Ukraine war. That’s usually defined as fascism.

As for her claim that he stopped a Ukrainian army attack on Russia’s fleet, it never happened, and Musk never stopped Starlink. He never gave Starlink to them to attack Crimea.

Jack Tapper is pushing the same propaganda and claims falsely that Musk is trying to prevent Ukraine from defeating Russia. They’re doing this because it’s about the election and canceling free speech, as reporter Simon Ateba wrote on X. They don’t care about anything else.


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