Ms. Markle cost Piers Morgan his job after she bashed Harry’s family


Meghan Markle wrote to ITV’s boss, Dame Carolyn McCall directly, to complain about Piers Morgan hours before the Good Morning Britain co-host quit. It was on the day the show scored its highest-ever ratings and beat BBC Breakfast for the first time.

He quit because he wouldn’t apologize to her.

The Duchess of Sussex insists she was not upset that Morgan said he “didn’t believe a word she said” in her Oprah interview. She was worried about how his comments could affect people attempting to deal with their own mental health problems, an insider told the Press Association.

Oh, puleeze…

Markle seriously hurt the Royal Family, calling them liars and racists who drove her to the brink of suicide. She’s a witch who did it all while Prince Phillip, 99, lay in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Dame McCall signed off on the broadcaster’s £1million deal to show the Oprah interview and said yesterday they were ‘dealing with’ the Good Morning Britain host.

The report states that, due to Markle’s phone call, Morgan was ordered to apologize for his statements about Markle, but he refused, quitting the show instead.

He did, however, say on Tuesday that he shouldn’t have questioned her comments about being suicidal. It was not for him to say.

In an interview Wednesday morning outside his home in West London, Morgan said about the whole flap, “If I have to fall on my sword for expressing an honestly held opinion about Meghan Markle and that diatribe of bilge that she came out within that interview, so be it.”

“If the woke crowd thinks they’ve canceled me, I think they’ll be rather disappointed when I re-emerge… Let’s call it a temporary hibernation,” Morgan added.

A large majority of Brits want Harry and Meg’s titles taken away. Not everyone agrees with the WOKE mob.

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Brian Richard Allen
Brian Richard Allen
2 years ago

…. the Markle woman “cost Piers Morgan his job” ….

Rubbish. His employer’s craven cowardice and effective amorality cost it Piers Morgan!

Rick Dosmini
Rick Dosmini
2 years ago

So she is the real queen of England?
When it is Allahu Ackbar land will they put up with Meghan? (rhetorical)
I thought they were banished and now living in America?