MSM analysts call for an impeachment mistrial & charges for Trump’s defense team


On Sunday, in an act of ultimate desperation, MSNBC/NBC analyst Glenn Kirschner, a leftist activist, called for a mistrial in the impeachment of Donald Trump. Kirschner’s sending a dog whistle to Chief Justice Roberts to intervene and do something that is not even in the Senate rules. You don’t have mistrials in an impeachment trial.

People of the left are also claiming the Justice was humiliated for the way Trump’s defense handled the impeachment. Taking that a step further, one of the House ‘witnesses,’ Professor Gerhardt, wants everyone on the President’s defense team brought up on bar charges.

If you disagree with these people, they will see you in prison. If you defend President Trump admirably, you must be destroyed.


Kirschner wants House impeachment manager Adam Schiff to call for the mistrial, although it’s not included in the Senate rules and the Senate isn’t a courtroom.

“I wish Schiff WOULD make a motion for a mistrial based on, among other things, the revelation of [Pat] Cipollone’s grossly unethical conduct/conflicts of interest,” Kirshner wrote on Twitter, referring to allegations that the president’s attorney witnessed presidential high crimes.

“The Senate rules may not contemplate/authorize a mistrial motion,” he admitted. ‘I would argue the rules as adopted NEVER contemplated the president’s lawyers would have hidden from the Senate, the Chief Justice and the American people such egregious, disqualifying information (as recently disclosed by John Bolton).”

Kirshner concluded: “Cipollone perpetrated an unimaginable fraud on the Senate and the American people and the Dems should not go quietly into that dark acquittal. Move for a mistrial and see what the Chief Justice says.”

Kirschner, like other Democrats, is trying to push Justice Roberts to intervene and save them. The only problem is his argument is specious at best. He disagrees with them and is trying to turn that difference of opinion into egregious conduct.

The Trump-hating analyst is not alone in attempting to come up with something, anything, to remove the President. There is another Trump hater with a similar argument — a Professor from North Carolina Law.


North Carolina Law Professor and CNN Legal Analyst Michael Gerhardt was one of the anti-Trump ‘witnesses’ in the sham House impeachment. He repeated a bizarre argument on CNN yesterday that Trump’s attorneys should be disbarred — allegedly for lying.

Gerhardt joined Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in saying they should be up on ethics charges — bar charges. The sad truth is that if you disagree with them and defend the President, you must be lying.

Jonathan Turley called Gerhardt out on his website for the scurrilous argument. Professor Turley said that an attorney making such charges must be specific or could be charged with ethics charges himself. It could be construed as “slander for impugning professional ethics and conduct” of other lawyers unless he has sufficient support.

Gerhardt gave no such support or proof.

House manager Adam Schiff was previously given four Pinnochios by the Washington Post for his denial of any contacts between his staff and the whistleblower. Should he be called up on charges, Turley asks.

Turley concluded, “The defense took the record of the House and did what good lawyers do: they argued the best case within that record. We cannot allow the age of rage to adopt William Shakespeare’s line from Henry VI: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. It is even worse when it is lawyers seeking to shoot lawyers.”

This insanity needs to stop.

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