MSM doesn’t like GA killer’s motive so they made up another one


The mentally deranged man who killed and wounded six Asian women, two white people, and one Hispanic man said the shooting had nothing to do with race. He frequented massage parlors and thought that somehow his sex addiction would evaporate if he went on a murder spree.

His roommate confirmed his torment over his sex addiction. His parents kicked him out of the house over it.


The media decided not to believe it, so they made up their own narrative. They like it better because it fits their identity politics mantra. We do not have a functioning media in this country.

Trevor Noah sounded like the dumbest of the lot on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.”

Noah said that it’s obvious to him that someone who murders six Asian women is racist.

Uh, okay.

“What’s been sad about the story is not just the loss of life but all the auxiliary things that have been happening around the story,” Noah began. “Like, one of the first things that’s been the most frustrating for me is seeing the shooter say, ‘Oh, it wasn’t racism, it was sex addiction.’ First of all, f*** you, man. You killed six Asian people. Specifically. You went there. If there’s anyone who’s racist, it’s a motherf***er who kills six Asian women. Your murders speak louder than your words.”


“Six Asian women were killed!” he continued. “And you know, in a way, what makes it even more painful is that we saw it coming. We see these things happening. People have been warning. People in the Asian community have been tweeting, saying, ‘Please, help us. We’re getting punched in the streets, we’re getting slurs written on our doors, we’re getting people coming up to us saying thanks for COVID, thanks for spoiling the world.’ We’ve seen this happening. And while we’re fighting for it, there are many people who have been like, ‘Oh, stop being so woke and so dramatic. Kung flu, hahaha. It’s just a joke.’ Yeah, it’s a joke that has come at one of the most tense times in human history. You knew that something like this could happen.”

He blathered on stupidly and then concluded, “Whatever you do, please, don’t tell me that this thing had nothing to do with race. Even if the shooter says that — he thinks it has to do with his sex addiction — you can’t disconnect his violence from the racial stereotypes that people attach to Asian women. This guy blamed a specific race of people for his problems and then murdered them because of it. If that’s not racism then the word has no meaning.”




  1. Mental gymnastics are a feature of Chiquitastan USA. Narratives will be formed to fit the daily talking points and the real goal is to keep the dullard clapping seals watching in between crass commercial messages (h/t-G Gordon Liddy) while forming opinions for the literal skulls full of mush (h/t-El Rushbo) that would recoil in terror if they ever had an original thought.
    So the family checked out and kicked him to the curb when they could have at least attempted to get some form of mental or medical help?
    Generations of piss poor parenting, a poltroon political class and infiltration of education are why this society is near collapse.

  2. The upside….youll get no arguments about a "happy ending" now.....theyre afraid you might shoot the joint up.

    I wonder if the FBI had any contact with this shooter, like they have with all the other mass shooters.

  3. So what’s new? The MSM has making up news for decades; whatever they think will get viewers. The funny thing is that it’s FOX News with all the viewers.

  4. Never any mention of the Perp’s ethnicity when the all-too-often bLACK thug punches or knocks down an aged Asian man or woman…… but let a White per do it, and SHAZAM! The Media Propaganda Machine jumps straight to Overdrive!

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