MSM Explains the Non-Raid Is Donald Trump’s Fault


MSM is doing double time covering for the Biden DOJ/FBI. They’re claiming the raid isn’t a raid, and Trump shouldn’t have reported it (attacking the victim). They claim without evidence and anonymous sources that DJT probably had top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago.

In other words, the media is blaming Donald Trump for the raid.

Also, according to the gaslighting media, the raid is not a raid.


CNN reports that the Feds seized documents from Mar-a-Lago in June with a grand jury subpoena.

[Until now, we only knew that Donald Trump arranged through his lawyers for 15 boxes to be taken by the Feds. Now, the FBI was there Monday for another 15 boxes. Is it always 15 boxes?]

CNN says the Feds took away “sensitive national security documents” from the property. Were they as sensitive as Hillary’s missing 30,000+ documents? We’ll never know.

According to CNN, “Investigators executed Monday’s search in part because they had developed evidence, including from at least one witness, that there were potentially classified documents still remaining at the Palm Beach, Florida, property months after the National Archives arranged for the retrieval of 15 boxes of documents that included classified information in January of this year, a person briefed on the matter said.”

In other words, this outrageous assault on a former president by the opposition party’s weaponized FBI could have resulted from ONE PERSON saying there might be more documents.

This sounds like a fishing expedition by a desperate Biden administration. It’s terrible, but with corrupt media, the Biden bureaucracy can continue to get away with these un-American activities.

The New York Times, in an article written by infamous liar Maggie Haberman, also used this report to try to minimize the raid on Mar-a-Lago on Monday.

Ben Protess and Glenn Thrush also helped to write the propaganda.

“The subpoena suggests that the Justice Department tried methods short of a search warrant to account for the material before taking the politically explosive step of sending F.B.I. agents unannounced to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s home and members-only club,” the authors write. The Times loves conjecture that hurts the right.

The Times claims the raid was prompted by two people – anonymous, of course.

“Two people briefed on the classified documents that investigators believe remained at Mar-a-Lago indicated that they were so sensitive in nature, and related to national security, that the Justice Department had to act.”

The authors want you to know that they don’t think Donald Trump was cooperating, although there wasn’t any evidence in either article.

On Truth Social, Donald Trump reminds everyone that Barack Obama hid 30 million of his documents without recriminations, raids, or threats of imprisonment. The Clintons did something similar. They even took furniture and artwork.

He also wrote, “Stop communism in our country.” [What we have going on is worse than communism.]

Truth Social, Trump 1

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

Here we go again, with the DNC propagandist in the fake media creating lies and hoaxes. This should maybe bring the Communist News Networks ratings back up.

1 year ago

Here’s the reality. President Trump is a recent ex-president who is considering running for another term. He is routinely briefed in matters that are Secret, Top Secret, and TS/SCI. If he scribbles down a note, that will potentially be classified information. Information the Secret Service routinely gets on the locations he visits and the threat situation in those locations can easily be classified as TS/SCI because of how the information was obtained, i.e. via someone in deep cover, Satellite, etc. Mar-a-Lago had a SCIF installed and it is almost assured that it is in use today by the Secret Service. The FBI is now more bumbling than the Keystone Cops. They raided a location where the Individual has the highest clearance possible and the location has a proper storage location for Classified Material.

My question is did all the FBI agents have the proper security clearance to handle the Classified Material. In addition, they raided the home of a probable political opponent of the present administration. President Nixon was run out of office for just covering up the actions of the Plumbers after the fact. This White House and the Justice Department had to know about this before hand and write off on it. I suspect the White House is fishing for the dirt that President Trump has been given on the Traitor Joe Administration. They want to know what the Republicans are going to come after them with in January! Some Democrats (and RINOs) are probably worried they may have to find a place to live without extradition to the United States.