MSM folk hero Avenatti accused of committing crimes while on bail


Attorney Michael Avenatti, a presidential hopeful, who was arrested Tuesday, is accused of orchestrating several schemes to hide his assets from creditors. It allows him to continue to live a lavish lifestyle while out on bail.

He resides in an $11,000-a-month apartment and is chauffeured around in a Mercedes. Stormy’s ex-lawyer also frequents luxury resorts. All this, despite holding debts surpassing $10 million.

On Tuesday night, police took him out in handcuffs in Los Angeles during a break in a California Bar disciplinary hearing over allegations that the porn lawyer scammed a client out of $840,000.

Avenatti didn’t make his criminal trial in New York on Wednesday since he was in the pokey on Tuesday night. He is still in jail. The judge had him held without bond.

The documents unsealed on Wednesday lay out a multitude of new charges against Avenatti, including the following allegations:
  • Arranged for his ex-wife… to purchase a $50,000 Mercedes Benz in her name that the defendant and defendant’s personal driver, J.C., repeatedly used to transport the defendant.
  • Between June 2019 and September 2019, the defendant ‘flipped’ cashier’s checks to himself in order to limit the number of funds available in his U.S. Bank account on at least eight separate occasions.

He likes to live large on other peoples’ money it seems — if he’s guilty, of course. Too bad, he wasn’t frightened enough to stop committing crimes — if the accusations are true.

He was a media darling because he regularly trashed Trump, and was talked about as a presidential candidate. He’s a Democrat, so it’s understandable.


The US attorney’s offices in the Southern District of New York and the Central District of California have charged Avenatti with a plethora of financial crimes that carry years of potential prison time, including charges of extorting Nike and multiple criminal counts related to alleged financial crimes. He has denied the charges.

One estimate has him facing 235 years in prison. He will spend some time in the hoosegow.

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